Social media tactics from Cotswolds photographer, Alastair Currill

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Alastair Currill is a Bourton-on-the-Water based professional photographer and has been running his company Alastair Currill Photography for around six years in the Cotswolds. Here he shares his social media tips with us.

Social media tactics from Alastair Currill

Q. When did the business get started on social media?

As a photographer Alastair has long been active on social media to promote his photography work, and also his teaching. But lockdown has forced him out in front of the camera as he has taken to Facebook Live to bring to life his top photography tips. You can find out more about Alastair with Local Rewards.

Q. What is the biggest benefit you see from your social media presence?

Alastair also teaches photography. During the pandemic, Alastair had to switch to teaching on Zoom and has had to use various programmes and technology to get the most out of that for each student.

Teaching online and being active on social media has brought business and students from further afield who perhaps couldn’t have attended live classes or lived too far away.

“I am seeing all sorts of new people want to pick up their camera and turn a passion into a hobby because of the pandemic and it is exciting to be able to help them no matter where they are” says Alastair. 

Q. What has been your social media highlight?

During Lockdown 1.0 all of the weddings Alastair had booked were cancelled. Due to restrictions he struggled to do the majority of the work he had planned for the rest of 2020. Rather than resting on his laurels he set up Cotswold Jigsaw Puzzles as a new arm to his business. Alastair turned beautiful photography of landscape and animals from around the area into jigsaws for customers locally and even internationally, This creative thinking helped him solve how to keep the main business afloat until restrictions are eased, and lockdown ends.

Key takeaway

As a photographer, Alastair has found himself with a shortage of work and shoots that can't take place. By identifying new products and services, he has been able to keep going. He started teaching via Zoom and creating content via Facebook Live. By stepping out in front of the camera on social he is now recognised locally, and as well as benefitting from more engagement, is also brightening other people's days.

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