Social media tactics from Cotswolds homeware business Laced Wing Designs

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Laced Wing Designs is an independent online free-motion sewing designer based in the Cotswolds. The business specialises in handmade, embroidered designs such as homewares, accessories and personalised gifts. Here founder Hayley shares her social media tips.

Social media tactics from Laced Wing Designs

Q. When did the business get started on social media?

Hayley started Laced Wing Designs in 2020 at the start of the pandemic. Founder Hayley has primarily used Instagram to grow her business fast over the last year.

Customers tend to see her designs in posts or on Stories and click to purchase straight away or they simply DM her and ask if the product can be personalised with a name or a different colour. You can find out more about Laced Wing Designs with Local Rewards.

Q. What is the biggest benefit you see from your social media presence?

At the centre of Laced Wing Designs is Hayley’s need to inspire and motivate people through her posts. She believes that social media should be about connecting with people on a deeper level than just purchasing.

Every Monday Hayley does Motivational Monday posts on Instagram. Hayley is passionate about mindset and believes that what is right for her may just help her customers, especially in trying and frustrating times.

“I always try to be honest and vulnerable, sharing a bit about family life, how you work on mindset and how to have a successful week. I get such lovely comments and it resonates with people,” says Hayley. 

Q. What has been your social media highlight?

Hayley’s highlight of the last year was ditching the tradition of a New Year's resolution and instead choosing a new power word for 2021 - 'connection'. Laced Wing Designs has allowed her to build connections with a community of other sewing specialists and designers leaving her feeling like part of a team when she works alone as well. Social media has also helped her to connect with customers across the UK that she otherwise would never have had the pleasure of helping.

Key takeaway

Hayley's top social media tactic is simply to connect. Whether that be connecting to customers or to a community, connection is at the heart of what Laced Wing Designs create on social media.

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