Social media tactics from Comicoffee – a quirky coffee shop on the Isle of Wight

Every week we bring you the top social media tactics and tips to help you drive your strategy forwards. We introduce you to real life businesses and organisations in multiple sectors which are growing using social media, so you can learn from their success and do more of the same.

This week we brew our way to social media success with social media tactics from Comicoffee, Isle of Wight. Here they share their social media tips with us.

Social media tactics from Comicoffee in the Isle of Wight

Q. When did the business get started on social media?

Comicoffee, a quirky but homely coffee house in Newport, Isle of Wight is owned by Matt Sprooles. Working with lots of local independent suppliers, the team delivers delicious coffee, a love of comics and specialises in some naughty treats such as waffles and donuts. The shop also has a great range of homemade vegan and gluten free food. The menu, which is inclusive to all requirements, mirrors the approach at Comicoffee. “Whilst there is a fun, comic/DC vibe for enthusiasts, our rustic feel, layout and intimate, personal setting gives customers a real sense of home” says Matt.

Comicofee has been using social media through lockdown to deliver tasty treats, keep customers in the loop with their takeaway offering, and even been able to open a new premises.


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Q. What is the biggest benefit you see from your social media presence?

Comicoffee has a core team of eight which expands to 12 during peak season. The staff have been integral to keeping the business alive during the pandemic and has constantly come up with new ideas during lockdown which have helped the business grow.

Throughout the pandemic the business has adapted to all restrictions,  from developing their own app, upgrading their tills and space. They had to balance how to deliver a great service for the customers but also be sustainable during a pandemic.

They came up with the idea of offering delicious artisan donuts and then began their vegan range. Available pre-ordered for home delivery, they were making up to 100 most evenings for the sweet-toothed people of Newport that wanted to do something special for their partner, kids, colleagues or send to a relative in a care home.

Since then they have grown further by introducing Kids' Half Term Boxes which feature a comic, a donut and other lovely treats. As a father, Matt knows the toll the pandemic has taken on kids as well as their parents so offering a little pick me up for the kids has been a great way for him to connect with families.

Matt says: “we actually opened a second site in a local indoor roller arena collaborating with another business and taking over the food aspect of the whole experience. We are also now about to launch another coffee house elsewhere on the Island which we couldn’t have done without constantly coming up with new ideas  and seeing opportunities during Lockdowns.”

Key takeaway

Comicoffee uses social media to spot opportunities despite a crisis. Their social media tactics are to listen to what your customers need and respond, then design and deliver services that meet those needs. 

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