Maybe* drives 43% increase in social media engagement for InExeter BID

InExeter is the business improvement district, or BID for short, for the South West city of Exeter. The Maybe* platform enables InExeter to increase social media engagement and connect, communicate and collaborate across businesses, retailers and other organisations responsible for the management and success of Exeter.

Like many BIDs across the UK, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic InExeter needed a way to increase communication with its businesses, build relationships and support the recovery of independent businesses in the city.



increase in social media engagement



increase in social media reach on InExeter



  businesses active on social media

How did Maybe* help?

Since the UK’s retailers emerged from lockdown on June 15 2020, InExeter has seen an increase in the reach of its social media content, and crucially an uplift in social media engagement from using the Maybe* platform.

Maybe* has enabled InExeter to understand what content works best for its audience so that it can be more efficient with its marketing efforts; only focussing on what drives results.

Furthermore, by engaging with local businesses during September 2020 InExeter has seen a 44% increase in the total number of Exeter’s businesses active on social media on a daily basis.

"It’s amazing working with the team at Maybe*. Their platform makes interacting and communicating with audiences much easier, it’s all in one place.

Watching consumers engaging with posts, finding out what is being said about your place and how to connect with that place more is brilliant”.

In Exeter, BID

Maybe* is a social media management platform that helps organisations make social media work better for them. We provide easy to use engagement tools, smart insights and reports that rock.