Maybe* Ad Manager helps Law & Co end 2020 on a high

Earlier this year Denise Law, founder of indie fashion boutique Law & Co got on the Maybe* social media radar with her stand out and fashion forward, Instagram Stories. Back in June 2020, Law and Co used the Maybe* Ad Manager to deliver an additional £17,810.94 in sales over one week. Now the business is sashaying down the advertising catwalk again and putting its learnings back into practice, increasing ROI to £10.95 for every £1 invested.


ad spend



return on ad spend (ROAS)

257% increase


additional incremental sales

How the Maybe* Ad Manager helped

Law and Co have become Ad Manager wizards and are generating sales using a combination of retargeting ads on website visits, and on Instagram engagement.

Using retargeting ads as part of their social media strategy means Law & Co can re-engage already interested customers and successfully sell to them. It also allows the business to take engagement on their organic social media content, and then redisplay ads to an already warm audience. This is why investing in great content, and building engagement with your customers matters. Yes engagement helps you create a deeper and more personal relationship with your audience, but it also helps you build an audience already familiar with you, that you can advertise to.

Law and Co social media strategy

“The results have been amazing”

“I’m focussing my attention on doing more through the Maybe* platform. It just makes more sense. You get so much more data and you can analyse your spend.”

“What Maybe* has done in a week has brought so many customers to me that I’d thought I’d lost. My retargeting advert has tracked down visitors to my website and brought me back into their eye line. And we’ve got orders to prove it, so I’m delighted.”

-Denise, Founder, Law & Co

With the Maybe* platform, you don’t have to be a social media pro to increase traffic and sales.


? Grab yourself a Maybe* account and join the conversation. It's a powerful but easy to use social media management platform that helps you increase traffic and sales.