Indie shoe boutique lands in the press with £50k lockdown sales spike driven by Maybe*

Making £50,000 in shoe sales during a six hour period may seem like a pipe dream for most indie retailers, throw in a lockdown and it could feel like an impossibility. But not for Keith Scarrott Shoes in Cheltenham.

Applying everything she had learned through Maybe* and the tools at her disposal, the owner Sophie Scarrott responded to lockdown by running an online sale with up to 45% discounts, supported by a £200 Facebook advertising spend. The results were spectacular. The sale made £52,500 and transformed what could have been a period of difficult trading conditions for the shop into a time of unprecedented online success.

Ms Scarrott said: “We threw ourselves into it and it’s paid off dividends. In the short time we’ve gone online with our website that Maybe* have been involved in helping us with, we’re just about to hit a turnover of £1million, which is something we didn’t think was possible.

"And that’s got nothing to do with our retail store business, that’s just online. So to do that in quite a short time with a product like high end ladies footwear, is pretty impressive I think. A huge part of that is down to Maybe* and using all of the tools that they provided us with.”



 increase in sales



increase in online traffic



increase in basket size

How Maybe* helped

In 2018 eCommerce was a new venture for the business but they wanted to drive more value and social media sales from their social media advertising and reach new customers. They turned to Maybe* to help.

Using the Maybe* platform helped Keith Scarrott Shoes get super refined with their advertising targeting. By using the smart insights Maybe* provides, the business was able to understand more about its customers shopping habits and use this insight to reach more of their target audience, increase traffic, sales and basket value.

The business has continued to use Maybe* and while the UK was locked down, despite not being able to trade in store, Keith Scarrott went on to drive social media sales, doubling its total sales in April 2020 vs March 2020, and vs April 2019.


“The Maybe* platform has been a real game-changer for our online proposition. We use it to understand who our audience is and what products will be of greatest interest to them. By using this information we’re able to target a specific audience with our Facebook ads which draw in new shoppers to our store and our online boutique.”

- Sophie Scarrott, CEO Keith Scarrott Shoes

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