How a local brow bar is serving customers with new looks and new product despite lockdown

Meet Niche Brow Bar, an amazing eyebrow specialist in Shawlands, Glasgow. Local brow bar, Niche is run by entrepreneur, Heather.  Heather has taken social media by storm as a corrective brow specialist.

In spite of being locked down, Heather has found a new way of helping her customers through online consultations and creating her own brow growth serum, Niche Brow Co.  By doing this her customers (and their eyebrows) can come back to the salon feeling supported through the lockdown, and Niche Brow Bar will stay front of mind for customers when they re-open.

Maybe* Head of Retail, Donna sits down for a Zoom chat with Niche Brow Bar founder, Heather and talks all things social media, lockdown, and well groomed brows.

How is the business using social media?

Heather has not been able to welcome customers into the Brow Bar. So instead she's decided to serve customers through video tutorials so they can take care of their brows at home.

“We try to keep our customers happy through social media as it’s the only way to connect right now. We have done fun Valentines day competitions, a Sex and the City quiz on Instragram as well as just sharing top tips and doing live Q and A’s for anyone needing some support. “


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A post shared by NICHE BROW BAR (@niche_browbar)


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A post shared by NICHE BROW BAR (@niche_browbar)

It's all in the details

Heather says “People often come into the salon scared to wipe off their brow makeup and show me what’s underneath. Their confidence is at rock bottom. Having been there myself I make it my mission to turn things around for them by giving them a bespoke service that suits their skin, medical history and goals”. That's the in salon experience Heather wants her clients to have,  and she's worked very hard to ensure that level of care and detail is applied to her social media communications.

Niche Brow Bar has even worked out its own brand social media templates for all staff to follow while they are at home. They too can create content and interact with their clients, while still retaining the Niche Brow branding.

If you are having to serve customers from home and you want to keep things consistent, think about incorporating your branding, and providing clear guidelines to other team members so they can get involved too.

Key takeaway

You don't have to be a local brow bar to learn something from Heather's approach. The lessons can be applied to any business. Be consistent, be present, and keep serving however you can. Whether that's with live Q and As, stories, tutorials, or even new product, you can continue to serve your customers via social media despite lockdown.

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