Why engaging on social media is so important

Why is engaging on social media so important? Well, think of it this way.  If a customer walks into your shop,  would you welcome them and start a conversation? If you are with people who are receptive to knowing more about your business, do you tell them what you offer? Of course you do! And for exactly the same reasons, you should be engaging with your social media followers and in relevant online conversations.

‘The power of engagement cannot be understated as a means of strengthening relationships and trust in your brand, and social media is the best platform to facilitate this. It's immediate, it's accessible - it's where your audience is already at’. (Social Media Today).

Consistently engaging your followers will help you form lasting relationships with them and ultimately secure repeat sales. Being part of relevant online conversations will increase your reach and help you spread the word about your business. So both of these should be vital parts of your social media strategy. It is ‘social’ media, after all!

How can you engage?

The best way for you to build relationships is through engagement and getting people talking to you and about you - ensure that you're a part of the conversations your customers are already having. It’s important to be part of relevant conversations online, whether these are about your place or sector.

Don't forget, when you engage with other people, they are more likely to reciprocate and engage with your content, which in turn increases your engagement and reach, and ultimately sales. Win, win hey?

How can Maybe* help you engage better?

We built Maybe* to make all of this engagement easy. Here’s how you can use the Maybe* platform.

The Maybe* Engage tab makes engaging with feeds and conversations relevant to your business, across multiple platforms, super simple. Stay connected to your customers, listen to all the conversations relevant to your business, and stay active across your social media feeds. All in one place.

Let’s break it down...

First up, Engage - this does exactly what it says on the tin. Here you listen to and engage with relevant conversations. Add these by entering hashtags or social media handles into the Maybe* search bar and choose Engage when asked what you'd like to do. These could be conversations about topics you’re interested in or accounts that you want to build relationships with.

Next is Your Ads - here you can connect your Facebook Ads manager, oversee your ad campaigns and respond to comments all in one place. More on that here.

Then Comments shows you comments on your posts, so you can interact with your audience, and look to build a connection

Mentions is anything you’ve been mentioned in, so you can see who is talking about you and engage with them. 

Then, it's Your Posts. This is everything you’ve published across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, complete with the engagement metrics recorded against each post. Sort this by Most Engaging to see what’s worked best for you.

Introducing Monitor. This is where you might want to get a bit sneaky and keep tabs on the competition. It’s for conversations you’re interested in, but don’t necessarily want a voice in, yet. Clever, eh?

Recommended - this is where we recommend conversations you might want to add to your Engage tab based on: your content; who’s engaging with you and conversations similar to those you’re already listening to. This helps you to identify online conversations that are relevant to your business.

And finally, Best posts. This is your easy-to-use tool to find the most engaging posts in any sector, locally or nationally, on any given day, in any place.

So, as you can see, there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place.

Key takeaway

If you want to be successful on social media, it is not enough to author and post your own content and rack up engagement. Sharing is where's it's at. Be bold enough to dip into conversations and build relationships, and if you see something you like the look of, maybe your own audience will like it too.

With the Maybe* platform, you don’t have to be a social media pro to increase traffic and sales.


👉 Grab yourself a Maybe* account and join the conversation. It's a powerful but easy to use social media management platform that helps you increase traffic and sales.