Top tips on training your furloughed team

Did you know that your staff can still undertake training while under furlough, as long as it doesn’t involve them generating revenue for your business? So out of this challenging time may come an opportunity to grow an essential part of your business - you, your people and your collective skills.

We understand that now more than ever, it's critical for businesses to stay connected to customers, but that for many who depend upon face-to-face engagement, this presents a significant challenge. All is not lost  though. With consumers now spending 40% more time on social media than pre-lockdown, businesses can benefit from using the enforced downtime to maximise their engagement on social channels, and if this is a daunting prospect, now's the time to learn. 

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Brush up your social media skills

Having a team that is confident on social media can help your business remain connected with your customers and engage your prospects with interesting content. Even when remote working, your staff can capture daily stories, images and insights that bring your business to life online.

Maybe* provides over 400 articles, free webinars, and training, all delivered remotely to help businesses like yours. You can book a one-to-one with one of our team and we can offer help managing your engagement. Our blogs provide masses of further inspiration.

Maybe* offers a social media dashboard with easy access to training

Remote training tips

Remote training does not need to be complicated - it can be as simple as identifying a relevant topic, planning a date/time, then using the right tools to virtually run a training session. Or it may involve remote courses that an individual can do from home.

Develop a training plan

The first step is to agree and document a training plan with each of your team. This needs to be achievable and realistic for each individual, bearing in mind that some may currently have much more time available than others;

Make it personal

Make the training personal - this may involve team sessions relevant to all attendees, or otherwise individual training sessions or courses but remember people learn better in different ways, at different paces.

Helpful tools

Use the right tools - a great tool is Zoom to run a session or 121 meeting to discuss training. The Maybe* team use this when we need to do video conferencing, training, presentations and if we need to record our video calls to share with others. Other similar tools  include Google Meet or Hangouts, WebEx, Skype, LogMeIn, GoToMeeting.

Set objectives

Prior to the training set out the objectives and foundations, send any relevant information for people to review beforehand, and agree timescales and objectives.

Make it interactive

Demonstrate via screen shares or pre-recorded materials, and if possible get people to try things real-time, sharing their screen with you while they do this. People are 70% more likely to retain information if they practice doing it, rather than just listening to how it’s done (Learning Pyramid - wikipedia). `Try asking and encouraging questions throughout the session.

Provide a take-away

Leave trainees with something to take away, maybe things to look at further and feedback. Keep resources in one place for your team to access afterwards and record any training sessions so they can go back and review these. Set goals for the next steps after the training and follow this up.

Plan regular sessions

This could be weekly or bi-weekly - whatever is appropriate.

Free resources

There are lots of free training resources - a search on the internet should give you ideas - and there may be other courses specific to your industry or the individual’s personal development. Any courses you identify with your team members can be noted on a  training plan, with agreed timescales.

If you’re struggling to stay connected to your customers, Maybe* is providing free business resources and webinars to organisations. Check out our upcoming webinars for tips on staying connected via social media, and managing your business remotely.