Social media strategies for Bonfire Night business promotions: Make your feeds go off with a bang

Want to light up your socials with great content this Bonfire Night?

When it comes to effective social media strategies, seasonal or event-driven marketing campaigns are a prime opportunity to get your brand seen and heard. Guy Fawkes Night - or Bonfire Night as it's commonly called - offers a plethora of business promotion ideas that you can capitalise on.

Want to create Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night marketing campaigns that will boost social media reach and customer engagement? You're in the right place. 🔥🌟

Why Guy Fawkes Night is a golden opportunity 🌠

Guy Fawkes Night celebrates the failure of the Gunpowder Plot to blow up the UK Parliament in 1605. It's a night filled with bonfires, fireworks, and festivities that bring people together. With all this excitement and community spirit, why not weave it into your Bonfire Night campaigns? It's the perfect time for social media promotion, reaching new people online and targeting the right people on social media.

The best Bonfire Night-themed promotions 🎉

1. Firework photography competition 📸

Encourage your followers to capture the best firework displays and share their snaps on social media, tagging your brand. Not only does this increase customer engagement, but it also helps you reach a wider audience as their friends and followers will also see the post.

Hashtags to use:

  • #FireworkPhotoChallenge
  • #BonfireNightBeauty

2. Share a Guy Fawkes history lesson 📚

Educate your audience about the history behind Guy Fawkes Night. Create a short video or infographic that details the history of the Gunpowder Plot and why the UK celebrates this day.

Hashtags to use:

  • #GuyFawkesHistory
  • #BonfireNightTrivia

3. Limited edition Guy Fawkes products 🛍️

Release a special line of Guy Fawkes or Bonfire Night merchandise. You can go for anything from apparel to special treats.

Hashtags to use:

  • #LimitedEditionGuyFawkes
  • #BonfireNightSpecials

4. Discounts and offers 🔖

Who doesn't love a good deal? Offer special discounts that are only valid on Guy Fawkes Night to get people shopping.

Hashtags to use:

  • #GuyFawkesDiscounts
  • #BonfireNightDeals

5. Behind-the-scenes preparation 🎬

Showcase the preparations leading up to Guy Fawkes Night. Whether you're setting up a special in-store display or creating a new seasonal product, give your audience a sneak peek.

Hashtags to use:

  • #GuyFawkesPrep
  • #BehindTheScenesBonfireNight

How to ensure effective social media strategies for Bonfire Night 📈

Measure your success 📊

Use analytics tools to track key performance indicators (KPIs) like engagement rates, new followers, and website traffic during your Guy Fawkes Night campaigns. This data will provide invaluable insights for future promotions.

Collaborate with influencers 🤝

Influencers can help you get your message across to a larger audience. Make sure you're reaching out to people who align with your brand and can genuinely engage with your followers.

Create shareable content 👥

The key to boosting your social media reach lies in creating content that people want to share. Be it informative blogs, stunning visuals, entertaining content, or irresistible offers, make it easy for your followers to spread the word.

Be consistent 🔄

Consistency is key. Make sure all your posts align with your brand image and the tone you've set for your Guy Fawkes Night campaigns.

Examples of great Bonfire Night posts: Long and short forms to light up your social media 🌟


When it comes to social media, the type of content you publish can vary greatly. Sometimes, a quick tweet can capture your audience's attention just as effectively as a detailed blog post. Here are some examples of both long and short form posts that can complement your Guy Fawkes Night marketing strategies and create a memorable Bonfire Night campaign.

Short form posts 🎯


  • X (Twitter) post

"The countdown to #GuyFawkesNight has begun! Keep your eyes peeled for our limited edition products, launching soon. 🔥#BonfireNightSpecials"


  • Instagram story

Share a quick poll asking your followers what their favourite Bonfire Night activity is - fireworks or bonfires? This not only engages your audience but also gives you insight into their preferences.

Hashtags to use:

    • #BonfireOrFireworks
    • #GuyFawkesPoll


  • Facebook post 

"Looking for the perfect Bonfire Night treat? Our special edition toffee apples are back in stock! 🍎 #BonfireNightTreats #GuyFawkesYummies"

Long form posts 📝


  •  Blog post on Guy Fawkes Night safety

Create an informative blog post about how to safely enjoy Bonfire Night. You can include tips on handling fireworks, keeping pets safe, and attending public events. At the end of the post, subtly promote your products or services.

Hashtags to use:

    • #GuyFawkesSafety
    • #BonfireNightTips


  • Instagram carousel

Post a series of photos that showcase your Guy Fawkes Night-themed merchandise or decorations. Include detailed captions to explain each item's special features and why it's a must-have this season.

Hashtags to use:

    • #GuyFawkesMerch
    • #BonfireNightEssentials


  • LinkedIn article

Write a piece on effective social media strategies for holiday marketing, using your own Bonfire Night campaigns as a case study. This positions your brand as an industry leader and offers valuable insights to your professional network.

Hashtags to use:

    • #HolidayMarketingInsights
    • #GuyFawkesStrategies

By incorporating a mix of short and long form posts into your social media strategy, you'll be well-equipped to engage with your audience in a variety of meaningful ways. It's all about balance, and knowing what to say and how to say it to keep your audience captivated. So why not start crafting your posts today and make this Guy Fawkes Night a booming success? 

🎇🎉Insights from AI: Best practices from 8 million businesses 📊💡

Our platform, Maybe*, has analysed the performance of posts from over 8 million businesses to bring you actionable insights that can set your Guy Fawkes Night promotions on fire. By using advanced AI algorithms, we've identified the key elements that create high engagement across a range of sectors. Want tailored recommendations for your Bonfire Night posts? Sign up for a Maybe* account to make your social media sparkle like a Catherine wheel.

The golden post: An example from real data 🌟

One of the standout posts we analysed was from a small family-owned cafe that leveraged the community spirit of Bonfire Night. Here's what they did:

  • Pre-event buzz: They started with a countdown post a week before the event, just like our "Short form posts" section suggests.
  • Audience involvement: They asked their community to vote on a 'Bonfire Night Special' drink, from 'Sparkling Espresso' to 'S'mores Latte,' similar to our recommendation to create polls.
  • Local collaboration: They teamed up with a local firework supplier for a cross-promotion, embodying our advice on influencer collaborations.
  • The big night: They posted real-time stories of their special Bonfire Night, showcasing their special drink (chosen by the audience) and the mini firework show in their garden.
  • Post-event engagement: A follow-up post thanked the community and featured photos from attendees tagging in people that attended, extending the lifespan of the campaign.

Hashtags to use based on AI recommendations:

  • #CommunityBonfireNight
  • #VoteForYourBonfireDrink
  • #LocalBonfireCollab

It's also a great idea to tag in your town or city to really build that sense of community and pride in place.

By incorporating these elements that are statistically shown to increase engagement, the cafe not only drove more traffic but also built stronger relationships with their local community.

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Guy Fawkes Night is a prime opportunity for businesses to ignite customer engagement and boost social media reach through creative Bonfire Night campaigns. Incorporating these tips into your social media strategies can make a significant difference in the success of your campaigns. You're no longer shooting in the dark; you're lighting up the sky with fireworks that have been precisely designed to captivate your audience. 

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