Social media news round up 11th September: Including festive marketing tips from Meta, the return of MySpace, and more…

We know that keeping up with changes and developments in the social media universe can be tough. 

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, social media platforms are continually innovating to support businesses and enhance user engagement.

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We've rounded up the key highlights from the past week for you. From expanded keyword searches on Threads, to SEO trends, Meta tips for festive marketing strategies, and the return of MySpace. 

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  • Threads keyword search is expanding:

The Meta-owned X competitor is letting users in English- and Spanish-speaking countries search through posts, meaning that you can not only search for content that is of interest to your business, but that your posts are now more discoverable too. Read more here from The Verge.

  • It's time for MySpace to make a comeback:

Yes, you read that right. Before you respond, read on. For anyone suffering with social media fatigue, MySpace may be the answer. ‘The perfect passive social media site’, ‘basically like creating a personal homepage. We know you are intrigued, so tap here to read more.

  • 5 SEO trends that have dominated online search in 2023:

Have you been keeping up wit hte latest SEO trends? A super infographic showing key SEO trends from 2023, including Humanised AI-generated content, Long-tail keywords and User experience optimisation. Find out more from Social Media Today.

  • TikTok unlocks more opportunities for creators with the Creativity Program Beta:

Designed to help creators foster their creativity, generate higher reward potential and unlock more exciting, real-world opportunities, the Creativity Program Beta is the latest addition to TikTok’s range of monetization tools that support creators of all levels in being rewarded. Find out more from TikTok.

  • Festive marketing tips from Meta:

Help your small or medium business get discovered during the biggest shopping season of the year with Meta insights, ad recommendations and resources. Find out more here.

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