How to get started on Facebook

Facebook has 2.41 billion global monthly active users, your potential customers are already there. 

Getting started is easy, simply follow this step-by-step guide to setting up your organisation on Facebook. We’ll show you how to set up your profile, build relationships and engage in relevant conversations.

Setting up a Facebook page


Visit www.facebook.com/business and select “Create a page” from the top right-hand corner. Facebook will guide you through the required steps. For more instructions, see the how to set up a Facebook business account guide.

Get a vanity URL


A vanity URL is a custom address for your Facebook business page, such as http://facebook.com/maybetech and makes it easier for your customers to find you. Find out how to do it here: Do you have a Facebook vanity URL?

Admin permissions


If you need to make someone an Admin on your Facebook account or if you need to remove them - you can do this via your Facebook account. Find out how here: How to give or remove admin rights on Facebook.

Facebook Messenger


You can use Facebook Messenger to talk directly to people that have liked your page, making it a useful communication channel. Find out more about Facebook messenger and how it can help your business.

Learn from other Facebook Business pages

FitBit shares content on their Facebook page that focusses on health and wellbeing featuring exercise tips and encouragement.

Their page is not about selling their products, but rather enpowering their audience and  helping them to set fitness goals - which is what their product enables people to do.

By actively asking their customers questions and sharing content that will educate their audience FitBit acheives great enegagement on their page - all whilst showcasing how their product can help customers achieve their fitness goals.

Let's get started on Facebook

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