Getting started with social media advertising to grow your business

Social media advertising can be confusing and you may be sceptical about the value it adds to your business. But with a little know-how you can make it work for you. Whether you are looking to grow your followers, increase your engagement or grow sales, Facebook and Instagram ads may well just be your new best friend. Here we walk you through the basics of getting started with your social media ads.

Why use social media advertising?

Maybe* currently supports ads on Facebook and Instagram and has all the analytics and management tools to help you run and monitor your ads in one place. But why should your business invest money in Facebook and Instagram advertising?

  • Facebook offers one of the cheapest forms of advertising in the marketplace;

  • Ads can be targeted with laser-precision to the exact customers you want;

  • It can drive immediate results in revenue, sales and leads for your business as well as help you grow followers and engagement.

  • Results can be easily measured and your strategy adapted accordingly.


How do I get started?

To get started with social media advertising you'll need a Facebook Business Page.

Once you've got that you can hop aboard Ads Manager which gives you tighter control on how your advertising budget is spent. Ads Manager is integrated within Maybe*, you just have to connect us up. And in true Maybe* fashion, we've made that easy for you.

  • Connect your Facebook Ads account to Maybe* to manage and monitor all your ads across Facebook and Instagram in one place.
  • You'll get an easy to understand report on your ads performance, be able to monitor and manage your ad spend and build audiences.

Understanding ‘objectives’ for your advertising

Facebook or 'Meta' as its now known knows a lot about its 2.4 billion worldwide users across Instagram and Facebook. They have information about the demographics of their users as well as a strong understanding of their interests and their propensity to engage and behave in a certain way online.

By setting your objectives you are asking Facebook to search for people who are more likely to behave in a certain way, for example; click on links, fill out a form, engage by liking or sharing content, and finally their propensity to buy online.

Getting your objective right is crucial so Facebook understands what your aim is for your advertising and can help deliver your ads to the right people.

Do you want to drive awareness of your business showing your ad to as many people as possible? Do you want to drive consideration, or show your ad only to the people Facebook thinks will take action? Or do you want to convert purchases from people Facebook thinks will buy?

Want to know more about advertising objectives and getting started with social media advertising? Our weekly beginners' ads sessions take place every Thursday at 10am and will definitely have you covered.

With the Maybe* platform, you don’t have to be a social media pro to increase traffic and sales.


👉 Grab yourself a Maybe* account and join the conversation. It's a powerful but easy to use social media management platform that helps you increase traffic and sales.