Introducing the new Maybe* dashboard – engaging has never been easier!

We are excited to announce that the Maybe* dashboard has undergone a lockdown makeover. There's both substance and style in this new update,  here's what's new: 

As you know we are passionate believers that in order to drive your own reach and engagement, you must be engaging with customers and other businesses. The first step in doing this is to prioritise responding to your audience, over creating your own content.  We've just made this a whole lot easier. 

Increase your engagement

On the left of your Maybe* dashboard is where you’ll find the tools and actions to increase your own engagement. This includes the conversations you need to engage with in order to raise your profile, and any ads you are running.

Respond here

On the right of your dashboard, you’ll find Respond here. This is the quickest way to find and engage with all the comments on your own content, as well as the mentions of you on social media. You’ll also see how we’ve separated out comments from your mentions.

Key takeaway

Why is engaging on social media so important? Well if a customer walks into your business, do you welcome them and start a conversation? If you are with people who are receptive to knowing more about your business, do you tell them what you offer? Of course you do. And for exactly the same reasons, you should be engaging with your social media followers and in relevant online conversations. Our new Maybe* dashboard makes this easier for you. Go, go go!

With the Maybe* platform, you don’t have to be a social media pro to increase traffic and sales.


? Grab yourself a Maybe* account and join the conversation. It's a powerful but easy to use social media management platform that helps you increase traffic and sales.