Maybe* product update – splitting mentions and comments to speed up the platform

We're committed to providing you with access to insights at the tap of your mouse. A critical part of this is making sure the platform runs as quickly and efficiently as possible. To deliver on our promise we've split up Comments and Mentions - not only will this improve the platform speed, but also it will make the platform easier for you to navigate. Happy days!

We appreciate that there's been a lot of developments lately, but please bare with us and know that each update is necessary for us to bring you the best tools and tech so you can master social media with ease. 

Splitting up Comments and Mentions

We've made it easier for you to view your comments and mentions by separating them into two separate sections. You can see the comments on your posts in one section and posts where people have @ mentioned you in another. We hope this makes it clearer, easier and by improving the platform speed you'll have quicker access to the  important metrics and so you can respond to what matters most to your business first. 

Splitting mentions and comments

You can now see your comments and mentions as separate numbers.

Quick links to see Best Posts and See Place on Map

Next to each place there are now links to see the best post (the star) and to see the area on a map (the map icon.) The star will take you to the Best Posts in Place page where you will be able to see the best posts in that place on any day. The map icon will open a pop up where you can see the exact boundary for that place so you know exactly what area this covers.

See place on a map

Next to each place there are now links to see the best post (the star) and to see the area on a map (the map icon.)

Data usage page

This is where you can see and edit all the information about your conversations. You can see a total of what percentage of your current data plan you're using and a breakdown of this usage by conversation.

You can see how much you are talked about in each conversation, how much you engage in that conversation and set the conversation as priority or as your comparison conversation for the dashboard. You can also create and edit groups and conversations. 

Data Usage

Your data usage page where you can see how much data each conversation is using.

Speeding up the Engage tab

Following feedback about the Engage tab being slow to load, we've made some changes. When you arrive at the tab we now automatically load five of your priority conversations or your five most recently added conversations first. You can select more conversations or clear filters and select one group at a time.

Speeding up the Engage tab

We now load five of your most recent or priority conversations when you go to the engage tab

In development

  • Toggle between comments and mentions on the What's Being Said and Who’s Got Influence graphs
  • Local Rewards
  • View Best Posts in a Group
  • Continue speeding up the platform

We love hearing from our users. Please give us any feedback or suggestions for features by hitting the blue message button in the lower right corner. 

If you'd like to take a look at these updates in situ, head over to your Maybe* dashboard and check them out.