Product updates: Report builder

We’re only a couple of weeks in to 2020 and already we’ve got a massively exciting feature going live on the Maybe* platform; the ‘Report Builder’.

In this blog post we'll show you how it works, explain why it’s a game-changer and also let you know what's coming next.

Report builder

So, what is the Report Builder?

Unsurprisingly, it’s a tool that enables you to build reports from the data within your Maybe* account. The report is built from your chosen metrics, including social and businesses metrics, and is visible within the Results tab, so you have all of your insights in one place. This will give you simpler, faster access to all of your data so you can monitor your social performance, ad campaigns, sentiment and more in real time. That’s all great, but what’s better is that you can click into each graph within the report to take you directly to the content/ad it relates to so you can see exactly what works and do more of it.  

How it works

Create a report

To create your first report select metrics from the left hand column by clicking on the different metrics.

Save report

Once you have selected the metrics you want to see, you can then save it as a report.

Saved report

Once you have saved a report, it will appear in the saved reports section. Any edits you make will be saved automatically.

Clone a report

You can clone a report by clicking the ‘Clone’ button. This will make a copy of the report which you can edit without changing the original report.

Add external business data

You can upload a file of external data or connect to your Google Sheets account and select one from there.

You just need to give the metric a name and make sure that there is a column of dates and a column that contains the metric you want to be displayed in a graph.

In development

  • Ability to download reports as a PDF.
  • Ability to see ad spend over time (Facebook ads manager).
  • Reach statistics for all facebook and instagram paid and organic posts.
  • Paid version of ‘See what works’ graph.
  • If someone links to your website in a post this will be in your social inbox regardless of if they tag you or not.
  • Maybe* app, so you can engage and listen to conversations on the move.
  • Automatically listen to accounts that mention you for 72 hours.

We love hearing from our users. Please let us know any feedback or suggestions for features by hitting the blue message button in the lower right corner.