Product updates: New dashboard

The beginning of this month has seen host of new features go live on the Maybe* platform. In this post, we'll give you a personal tour of the latest product updates and let you know what's coming next.

New dashboard

Our design and tech teams have been busy crafting a brand new dashboard design so you can simply and efficiently see important metrics in one place. 

The new default dashboard report is made up of four graphs, each is clickable so you can quickly see the data/activity behind the results. You can click the 'Report builder' button to go to the Report builder page where you can build reports from all the data in your Maybe* account.

Here’s a quick recap on the Report builder.

The report is built from your chosen metrics, including social and businesses metrics, and is visible within the Results tab, so you have all of your insights in one place. This will give you simpler, faster access to all of your data so you can monitor your social performance, ad campaigns, sentiment and more in real time.

That’s all great, but what’s better is that you can click into each graph within the report to take you directly to the content/ad it relates to so you can see exactly what works and do more of it. 


See your paid and organic reach on the report builder page and click through to see the data behind the results.


You can now share any of your Maybe*  graphs to LinkedIn as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Conversation engagement page 

This page only shows conversations you have told us you want to ‘engage’ with. Here you can see how much you are engaging with all the conversations and how much you are being talked about (mentioned) in each of these conversations.

Conversation manager page 

This is now under settings and is where you can change conversations from monitor to engage or delete them from your account. 

In development

  • Maybe* app, so you can engage and listen to conversations on the move.
  • If you connect a google sheet to the report builder it will check for new data
  • New design for the What's Being Said graph
  • If you connect your social accounts your conversations won’t count towards your data limit

We love hearing from our users. Please let us know any feedback or suggestions for features by hitting the blue message button in the lower right corner.