Product updates: Facebook advertising integration

In our latest release you can integrate Facebook Ad Manager with Maybe*.

The integration enables Maybe* to calculate your return on ad spend to help you quickly identify which adverts are performing well and not so well.  Depending on how your advert is set up Maybe* will also give you suggestions on how to improve the performance of your advert.

This makes way for a whole host of features we're testing at the moment which are in 'open beta'. This means you can test and use them too - we'd love your feedback on them.

Facebook Ad Manager in open beta

You can now connect to Facebook Ad Manager API from your ‘Integrations page’ under ‘Settings.’ This feature is in open beta which means there might be some issues with it - get in touch if you think it can be improved in any way or have any issues.  

Filter by paid organic content 

Once you have connected to your ad manager account you can filter your content in ‘Your posts’ by ‘Paid’ or ‘Organic.’ You can also choose to only show ads that are ‘Live,’ ‘Paused’ or ‘Completed.’ 

Caculate ROI 

We show you your return on ad spend to help you quickly identify which adverts are performing well and not so well. 

For example, in the ad below we suggest that you ‘Increase budget on facebook ad manager because this ad is doing very well’ as the ‘Current return on ad spend is 8.33.’

Ad suggestions

Depending on how your ad is set up we’ll make different suggestions to do. For example, in this advert we suggest that you ‘Check your comments’ as this ad is targeting post engagement.

If you’re an agency

You can now use a keyword to only show advertising campaigns that contain that client’s name.

Multiple accounts

If you’re an agency, have multiple organisations or have separate social accounts for each of your locations you can add each one as a separate account under ‘Settings’ click ‘Add an account.’

In development

  • Custom indexes - these will allow you to benchmark yourself within a specific group. For example, if you are a jeweller you could compare yourself to all other jewellers in the UK. Or if you manage a shopping centre, you could compare all your tenants' activity.
  • Benchmark reporting which allows you to benchmark yourself against other businesses you are listening to.
  • Instantly listen or engage with other conversations - at the moment there is a short delay but we are working on making this instant.

We love hearing from our users. Please let us know any feedback or suggestions for features by hitting the blue message button in the lower right corner. 

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