Product updates: Activity instead of actions

We've been making some changes to the Maybe* platform.  This month we switched up some language and we're giving you the ability to see your own content easily. In this blog post, we'll explain the latest product updates and tell you what's coming.

Actions is now activity

We've renamed the 'Actions' feature 'Activity' as sometimes you don't need to 'action' the content that appears here, Maybe* just puts it on your radar.

The fourth tab

In our last product update, we launched 3 tabs: Social inbox, Engage and Listen. This month, we've added a fourth, 'Your content'. This is where you can find everything you've posted to your own channels in the last 24 hours -  see what's doing well and what you need to improve.

  • 'Your content' is where you can find all the content you're posting to your own social channels.
  • The ‘Social inbox’ tab is where you can find what people are saying about you along with any comments and replies to your posts.  
  • The ‘Engage’ tab is for conversations you want to actively engage with - from here you can like, share and comment on posts.
  • The ‘Listen’ tab is for conversations you just want to listen to e.g. your competitors.

Download and share graphs

You can now download graphs using the download icon in the top right and you can share them on Facebook and Twitter using the icons in the bottom right.

Posts now in front of Engagement

Following feedback,  we’ve switched the way posts sit on the ‘See what works’ report. The posts dark purple posts line now sits in front of the light pink engagement line.

In development

  • Ability to see your paid adverts in the new ‘Your content’ tab.
    Following a request from a user, we are going to add in brackets the number of followers an account has next to the company name on the activity page.
  • Custom indexes - these will allow you to benchmark yourself within a specific group. For example, if you are a jeweller you could compare yourself to all other jewellers in the UK. Or if you manage a shopping centre, you could compare all your tenants' activity.
  • Ability to download a summary report of all your data.

We love hearing from our users. Please let us know any feedback or suggestions for features by hitting the blue message button in the lower right corner. 

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