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Case study - 2 April 2020

What makes Maybe* different?

The tech market is awash with social media tools to support marketers and business owners to manage and improve their digital presence. So what makes M...

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Case study - 9 March 2020

How chatbots can help you save money and share learnings

At the beginning of the year we shared some of the biggest challenges facing social media marketers. We found that doing more with less and building an...

Product update - 9 March 2020

Product Update: Engagement priorities

At Maybe* we listen to our users’ needs, identify areas for improvement on our platform and get to work on delivering improved experiences every mont...

Product update - 21 February 2020

Product updates: Engagement within conversations

This month we’ve added a new graph to the Report Builder that makes it easier for you to see how much you’re engaging within a conversation. The Wh...

Product update - 8 February 2020

Product updates: New dashboard

The beginning of this month has seen host of new features go live on the Maybe* platform. In this post, we’ll give you a personal tour of the lat...