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Product update - 29 November 2020

Local Rewards launched within the Maybe* product

We are excited to announce the launch of Local Rewards, our nationwide rewards scheme that will help rebuild your local economy by encouraging shoppers...

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Product update - 13 November 2020

Maybe* product update: Add a hashtag as your comparison conversation

We aim to make the Maybe* platform work as seamlessly as possible with your social platforms, and now from your Place Insights page you can tag users d...

Product update - 25 October 2020

Get access to Maybe* paid plan features with 14-day free trial

Our priority is to ensure that Maybe* users can easily and efficiently use the platform and quickly see results that will drive performance. We also kn...

Product update - 20 October 2020

How to compare your social media performance against competitors

Want to know how your social media activity stacks up against competitors? Of course you do! Maybe* now makes it easy for you to compare your social me...

Help - 13 October 2020

Introducing daily social media video tips from the Maybe* team

Coming soon to an inbox near you, Maybe* daily video tips. We’re ready for our close up. Here at Maybe* we like to help you make social media wor...