Maybe*, whats happening…

Maybe* exists to deliver extraordinary results through social media engagement. 

We achieve this through constant innovation that enables any organisation to benchmark their social media performance and access to the tools they need to improve their results.

From a standing start 15 years  ago social media  has become an intrinsic part of everyday life. The implications that this has on business are  only just beginning to be understood. Customers have more choice and more power than ever before.

The patent-pending Maybe* platform enables any size of organisation to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the results they achieve through social media activity. 

We understand that technology is only some of the answer.  Our training workshops and online help centre helps all teams increase their knowledge and their ability to use social media to deliver business results.

Maybe* is a virtual team in four continents connected via Slack. We have already come  a long way -  but I suspect the journey is just beginning, so i'm to capturing some landmarks here or  follow the journey on twitter.

3rd October 2019

UK High Street Task Force  and planning new training

  • Loved meeting all of the partners at PwC for the High Street Task Force. So proud and excited to help with the evolution of the UK's high streets. 
  • Still planning and tesing the next release of all of our indexing technology ... we are getting close to a big announcement 
  • Preparing for training days at UK: DRIC and Bira

25th September 2019

Conference follow ups and planning new tech

16th September 2019

Social Advertising, Chatbots and Shopping Centres

Weekly updates to follow…stay tuned

We created Maybe* because we believe that Social Media is fundamentally rewriting the rules of doing business. Our platform enables any business to use Artificial intelligence (AI) to benchmark their performance and improve their results. 

Maybe* is part of the UK Government's High Street Task Force