Maybe* product update – Group Insight tool, Insight Builder and loads more

Is it your birthday? No? Well you’re going to think it is! We’ve got so many amazing new features that we’re not sure where to start in sharing them with you. 

Check out Maybe* today and you’ll discover a new Group Insight tool, updates to Your Report, a new Insight Builder, plus you can now tag people on Twitter and Facebook pages when replying to comments.

If you’re more of a watcher and less of a reader there are videos taking through all the new stuff below. Enjoy!

Group insights

Under ‘Insights’ and ‘Group insights’ you will be able to compare how social media activity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram changes in your different groups over time. 

Select which groups you wish to compare and adjust the date picker to the dates you want. 

You can see: 

  • Percent of organisations with a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account in each group.
  • Percent of organisations who post on a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram each day
  • The total number of posts the organisations in that group are posting each day. 
  • The total amount of engagement (based on a combination of likes, comments and shares) the organisations in that group are getting on their posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram each day.
  • The average sentiment of the posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram made by the organisations in each group daily. 
  • What hashtags organisations in each group are using most regularly in the time period selected. 

Hover over the graphs to see the exact numbers.

See insights on your groups

Insight builder

This is where you can go to compare different conversations’ key metrics. 

You can see graphs for: 

  • See what works - A graph to display the volume of posts and the levels of engagement per day. We only track engagement from the day you add the conversation.
  • How they feel - A graph to display the sentiment of conversations. Maybe* uses AI to determine if the posts included in the conversations you are listening to are positive, negative, or neutral.
  • What’s being said - A graph to show the popular topics in conversations you are listening to.
  • Who’s got influence - A graph to show the accounts that are influencing the conversation you are listening to. The bigger the circle, the more they are posting about it

Best post by engagement for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - see which post is getting the most engagement

Select which metrics you want to compare for each of your conversations

Your report

This is where you can see everything about your own conversation so it includes everything on the 

Insight Builder but also includes: 

  • Your growth history
  • Your cumulative reach 
  • Best post by reach for Facebook and Instagram 
  • Chatbot report if you have one 
  • Ad summary if you have your ad manager connected
  • You can also add your own business data here

Your report section where you can see all the metrics for your conversation

Tagging when replying to tweets

You can now tag people on twitter when replying to comments. Simply use your @ sign and type the handle of the account you want to tag and suggestions will start to appear. Select the suggestion you want, type the rest of your message and click ‘Reply.’

You can now @ mention people on Twitter and pages on Facebook.

In development

  • View boundary on a map so you know exactly where it is
  • Local rewards
  • Speeding up the platform

We love hearing from our users. Please give us any feedback or suggestions for features by hitting the blue message button in the lower right corner.