Maybe* product update – Comparison Report, Place Insights and more

So much amazing, juicy new tech for you to use this month! There’s a new Comparison Report, a Place Insights tool, a Best Post in Place tool and the Send to Me function on the Report Builder. 

If you’re more of a watcher and less of a reader there are videos taking through all the new stuff below.

Comparison Report

Under ‘Reports’ you will find the comparison report where you can compare key stats across all the organisations you are listening to if different date ranges. 

Select a group of conversations or individual conversations using the filters on the left. Use the date picker to change the date range the report is for. If you have multiple accounts with Maybe* Tech you can use the ‘Compare accounts’ button in the top right area of your screen to pre-select all the accounts you are in.

  • You can compare organic content and engagement created by organisations. For yourself, if you have connected your ad manager account (Under ‘Settings’ - ‘Integrations) you can compare your paid and organic posts and engagement.
  • You can compare followers, posts, engagements, posts per day, engagements per post, engagements per day and best posts by each organisation.
  • You can also compare posts, engagement and how much positive content is written about each organisation.
  • You can write notes about the report at the bottom of the page and then give the report a name and click ‘Save report.’ You will then be able to access all of your saved reports from the drop down. 

If you select a saved report you can delete it using the ‘More’ dropdown or select ‘Create new’ to create a new report. 

Clicking on the name of any organisation will take you to the ‘Report Builder’ page with all of the graphs selected for that organisation.

Comparison report page

Place Insights

Under ‘Insights’ and ‘Place insights’ you can compare how social media activity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram changes in different locations over time. 

Search and select locations you wish to compare and adjust the date picker to the dates you want.

Unless you are on £195 plan or higher you will only be able to see one place at a time so to compare places you will have to upgrade. 

You can download or share any of the graphs on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. 

You can see: 

  • Percent of organisations with a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account in each location.
  • Percent of organisations who post on a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram each day
  • The total number of posts the organisations in that location are posting each day. 
  • The total amount of engagement (based on a combination of likes, comments and shares) the organisations in that location are getting on their posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram each day.
  • The average sentiment of the posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram made by the organisations in each location daily. 
  • What hashtags organisations in each location are using most regularly in the time period selected.
  • Hover over the graphs to see the exact numbers.

Watch the Place Insights video tutorial

Place insights

Best Posts in Place

You can now see ‘Best posts in place’ under Insights. Pick a date and a location where you want to see the top 25 best posts for local organisations. (For Beta users we are testing best posts for national organisations.)

You can filter by channel; Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and if you click the map icon in the slider in the top right of the page you can see where these organisations are on a map. 

You can add one organisation at a time by clicking the plus button or if you want to listen to all of the organisations you can click ‘Add all (25).’ You can like and comment on the Facebook and Twitter posts directly from this page. For Instagram posts you will be taken directly to that post on Instagram to like and comment there.

Watch the Best Post In Place video tutorial 

Best Posts in Place

Send to me button on Report Builder

You can now get any report emailed to you weekly by using the ‘Send to me’ button. Click the button and select which day you want to receive it. You can turn it off at any time by clicking on the button and clicking ‘off.’ 

At the moment it just sends it to you but we are planning on adding the ability to include any team members in this as well.

Send to me button on Report Builder

In development

  • Ability to tag Facebook pages and Twitter users when commenting on a post
  • We are going to save any locations you select on Place insights
  • Splitting the report builder so you have one for just your stats and one to compare with others
  • Insights on your Groups like you can for places.
  • High Street Rewards

We love hearing from our users. Please give us any feedback or suggestions for features by hitting the blue message button in the lower right corner.