Maybe* product update: change your comparison conversations and new stats

At Maybe* Tech, we want to make it as easy to understand what is working on social media as possible. In our most recent update, we have made some changes to the Maybe* product so it is easier to get around and compare your performance to others on the dashboard.

A major way to easily keep track of your performance is by comparing yourself against conversations that are important to your organisation. Now, you can switch between the insight and hashtag conversations on the dashboard using the dropdown. This will help you quickly see what the top post of the week was from one of your suppliers, how people are feeling about one of your competitors or who is influencing the conversation about the hashtag of your town. 

In addition to this, we have added weekly stats for yourself and your insight conversation. We designed this to help you keep check of your weekly metrics against organisations that are important to you, so you can see how your followers, number of posts and engagements compare. 

Finally, we have redesigned the top of the dashboard, to make navigating around the Maybe* product simpler and easier to understand.

Change the insight or hashtag conversation on the dashboard

To help you keep on top of the most important conversations, we have updated the dashboard so you can easily switch between your insight and hashtag conversations in the Maybe* product.

On the dashboard, under the ‘Weekly insights’ heading, you can now view all of your insight and hashtag conversations in the dropdown. 

Click on the name of any conversation, and the right hand side of the dashboard will reload with their data. You will quickly see the conversation’s best post of the week, as well as graphs showing what is working for them, how people feel about them, who has influence in their conversation and what people feel about them. 

To quickly gain insights for another conversation, simply select another insight or hashtag conversation from the dropdown. 

Maybe* product compare

Your weekly stats added to the dashboard

After you have chosen your insight conversation, you can now compare your weekly metrics in a new Stats section of the dashboard.

Scroll past yours and your insight conversation’s best post of the week, to find your key metrics. You can compare with ease the number of followers, posts and engagements from the past 7 days, as well as avg. posts per day, engagements per day, and engagements per posts.


Comparing your weekly stats against an insight conversation will help you keep a consistent social media presence. It also means you can understand what the optimum amount of content you should be publishing each week, and the number of engagements you should be striving for. 

In the future, we are working on adding stats for hashtag conversations and week-on-week changes. Stay tuned for these!


Maybe* product stats

In development and coming soon

  • Week on week changes to your weekly stats on the dashboard
  • Adding a prize draw for Local Rewards

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