Maybe* launches ‘Local Rewards’ to help retailers

Local Rewards is a nationwide loyalty programme that rewards shoppers for their offline spend. It enables Retailers, Shopping Centres, Councils and BIDs to measure how online promotion drives in-store spend.

Shoppers simply register their Visa or MasterCard with the Local Rewards Facebook Chatbot. Each transaction through a shopper’s existing Visa or MasterCard triggers points in real-time that can be used to claim Rewards with other nearby retailers. All communications are delivered by Facebook Messenger Chatbot that promotes other local retailers immediately after every in-store purchase.

This enables local businesses to communicate with shoppers when they are nearby. It works for any retailer that takes card transactions in any UK location. No additional technology, apps or cards are required.

Retailers, Shopping Centres and BIDs please book a demo to see how easy it is to deploy no-fuss loyalty that drives and tracks in-store sales. Learn more about Local Rewards.

How it works

Shoppers also receive 100 bonus points on signup so they can discover offers straight away. Local Rewards has been created by Maybe* to help Local businesses better connect with customers and drive offline sales.  Try it now.

join local rewards

Join Local Rewards

Join Local Rewards by registering your Visa or MasterCard with the Local Rewards Chatbot. We do not store credit card details.

Shop locally. 

Each transaction through your Visa or MasterCard triggers points that can be used to claim rewards.

Earn and spend. 

Every time you spend a pound you earn a point which could go towards the reward of your choice.

Book a demo and find out how to take part in Local Rewards and access resources to boost spend at your store and in your local economy.