Introducing Local Rewards prize draws

We are excited to announce that businesses are now able to create a prize draw as well as a reward when using the Rewards element of Maybe*.

Local Rewards was created to help UK High Streets recover from COVID by encouraging shoppers back in-store. High Street businesses are able to set up a reward of their choosing which can be redeemed when shoppers complete a purchase.

Rewards can be anything, including free parking, a glass of bubbles with your next manicure or a bonus pastry with your coffee, and now you can also offer your customers the chance to enter your prize draws.

Prize draws and rewards feature in High Street Guides which we have created for each town, which alongside all of the Instagram content from the area, can be viewed by shoppers on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

How to use Local Rewards prize draws

Local Rewards prize draws differ from a standard reward because any Local Rewards shopper can enter your prize draw, regardless of whether they have been in-store, and just one shopper is selected as a winner.  

Setting up a prize draw works in a very similar way to a reward, and you need to create a title, choose an image and select the amount of points that shoppers will need to enter.

Once your prize draw ends you can select the winner at random on Maybe*.

If you are on an Engage Lite plan or above, you can download the name and email address of all shoppers who have entered your prize draw. For all accounts on the Engage Pro plan or above, if you have Tracked spend turned on, you can also download a full list of all the names and email addresses of shoppers who have completed a purchase in store.

For those of you with Facebook Ad accounts, we are working on getting these lists of shoppers added into audiences you can use for your Facebook Ads targeting. This will mean that for the first time, you will be able to target your in-store customers with ads, ensuring they can keep up to date with all your latest product launches and announcements - keep your eyes peeled for this!

Create your Local Rewards prize draw

Adding a prize draw works in very much the same way as a reward.

From the Local Rewards dropdown at the top of the page, you can go straight to ‘Add a prize draw’. From here, enter your company name, and a good name for your prize draw which clearly explains what is up for grabs. For example: ‘Win a pair of trainers’ or ‘Win a bottle of wine’.

Next you must choose how many points it will take to enter your prize draw. Shoppers earn points for every pound they spend in-store, so it’s best to keep the points relatively low. This is because only one shopper will win the prize draw, and you want as many entries as possible.

You can select your start and end dates for the prize draw, and these must be a minimum of two weeks. We have set this as the minimum duration to encourage as many shoppers as possible to enter.

Choose your location from the dropdown, then enter some information for the user to see after they have entered your draw. For example: “Congratulations on entering our prize draw! If you have won, we will notify you by email. Keep your eyes peeled!”

The terms and conditions cannot be edited. Once your prize draw is live, your company name will be added into the text here.

Finally, upload an image which represents either your brand or the prize draw.

If you have set your prize draw to start instantly, you will be able to share it straight away to social media. If the start date is in the future, you can share your prize draw at a later date, directly from Maybe*.

Local Rewards prize draw

Choosing a winner

Once your prize draw has finished, you need to find out who your winner is. 

From the Local Rewards dropdown at the top of the page, select ‘My rewards. Find your prize draw which has expired and you will notice a blue trophy shaped button.

Click on this to open a popup. Click ‘Generate’ to get a winner randomly selected from your pool of entries and if you are happy with the winner, you can click confirm. If for any reason, you want to generate another winner, select ‘Pick another’. 

Once you have confirmed your winner, another winner cannot be generated. It is your responsibility to get in touch with the winner using their email address, which you can copy directly from the popup.

Once you have selected your winner, the trophy button will turn grey, and you will be able to click on this to view the winner’s name and email address whenever you need it.

For users who are on an Engage Lite plan or above, once you have selected your prize draw winner you will also be able to download the full list of shoppers who entered your draw.

Next to the grey trophy, you will see a download icon. Click on this to get a download of all the names and email addresses of shoppers who have entered your prize draw. 

You can upload these into audiences on Facebook Ads or MailChimp.


Local Rewards prize draw winner

View your entries, select a winner and create email lists or advertising audiences

In development and coming soon

  • Update to change comparison 
  • A new and improved search
  • For Local Rewards, a customised message after a shopper has completed a transaction

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