Product updates: Instantly listen or engage with conversations

This month we've put a bunch of new features live on the Maybe* platform. In this blog post, we'll give you a personal tour of the latest product updates and let you know what's coming next.

Instantly listen or engage with conversations

When conversations are created they now appear on the activity and graph pages straight away.

When adding conversation also add or create a group

When you add a conversation you have the option to add it to an existing group or create a new group.

View original post

You can now click to see the original post that the comment was on and see the reply in context.

Data sources

Next to the conversation name on all graphs you can now see social icons for the data sources which are included on the graph.

Ads Manager improvements

Click to see the comments on your adverts.

See the ‘Total purchase conversation value’.

Refreshing ads now refreshes all the stats too.

In development

  • Ad manager tab - we know how important ads are so we are creating a separate tab just for them
  • If someone links to your website in a post this will be in your social inbox regardless of if they tag you or not
  • Custom indexes - these will allow you to benchmark yourself within a specific group. For example, if you are a jeweller you could compare yourself to all other jewellers in the UK. Or if you manage a shopping centre, you could compare all your tenants' activity.
  • Maybe* app, so you can engage and listen to conversations on the move.

We love hearing from our users. Please let us know any feedback or suggestions for features by hitting the blue message button in the lower right corner.