How chatbots can help you save money and share learnings

At the beginning of the year we shared some of the biggest challenges facing social media marketers. We found that doing more with less and building an ecosystem to integrate social media within a business were cause for concern.

Maybe* often creates content about how to improve your social media activity. But we also want to help you derive more value from social media in terms of cost saving or time saving. We will also demonstrate some innovative user cases for social technology across your business.

Enter the chatbot...

Not just another pricey bit of tech

You might be sweating at the thought of on-boarding yet more technology that you don’t know how to use, or won’t know how to gauge its value. But chatbots can be simple.

A chatbot is simply an automated series or flow of messages you can deliver at scale, via Facebook Messenger. The bot can be attached to any of your posts on Facebook that you have some advertising attached to. The bot will then fire a private message to anyone that engages with that post. Then the magic happens.

User cases

So how could you use a chatbot? Chatbots can be used to help you build your email database. They can be used to deliver customer feedback surveys or to deliver offers and incentives so that you can track footfall or sales from online to offline.

See how shopping centre Vicar Lane deployed a chatbot to increase footfall.

Meanwhile last International Women’s Day saw cancer charity Ovarian Cancer Canada use a chatbot to secure millions in investment.

Bot benefits

Delivering surveys via a chatbot deployed across Facebook will save you money and time as you’re already talking to an engaged audience and you can use Facebook advertising and it's targeting to reach more people relevant to you. You also won’t need to invest time or money building a survey using other technology.

The tool increases collaboration across teams and business units who can use it to inform product development, generate leads, build a GDPR compliant marketing database and get real time feedback.

We’ve made all our visualisations downloadable and shareable, so you can share your insights with your co-workers, and demonstrate the value social media adds to other areas of a business.

If you’re curious to learn more about your social media followers and customers, want to improve marketing efficiencies, or raise the visibility and commercial contribution of social media, a chatbot will help you do it. Get started for free.