Maybe* product update: Social Media Engagement Sorted

To make it easier and faster for you to stay connected we have made some major improvements to the Engage section of the Maybe* platform.

You can now engage with all content from businesses in any UK sector or location on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram from one easy to use page

You can engage with content from Twitter, Facebook or Instagram from all UK businesses sorted by location and sector.

Keep on top of all social content from your town and sector

To help you stay connected with your local area, you are now able to search for and engage with content from all the businesses from  any UK town or sectore.

To find your area or sector, scroll down to the  the left-hand side of the page, and enter in the name of any town or city in the UK. 

The feed that appears will contain every post in the last week from businesses in your area. You have unlimited engagement on this page, so like, comment and share to your heart's content, without having to go anywhere else.

To help you keep on top of the feed, you can change the date range at the top to a maximum of seven days, and next to the date range sort the posts however you like, for instance by the most or least engaged, newest and most positive engagement.  

You can refine this feed further by filtering by sector, choosing from the list on the left-hand side of the page. To select just indie businesses, choose local under the Type filter.

These filters will help give you a clear picture of what your competitors, prospects and customers are saying. 

Once you come across a conversation you want to keep track of, we recommend you add them into a group. 

Click on the plus button next to the post, and then select the name of the group you want to add the conversation to from the dropdown, or enter the name of a new group. 

You will have two groups added to your account when you sign up to Maybe* - one for competitors and another Engage group where we put any organisations that mention your business on any social media channel

We also recommend you create your own groups, such as a group for customers, prospects - anything that you will find helpful to manage your data. 

Once you press confirm, this conversation will be saved into the group section at the top of the page, for you to easily access whenever you come to the page. 

For accounts that are on a paid plan, you can also turn on Social Media listening Insights from the Engage page.  Once you have added a conversation to a group, just click on the bar graph icon next to the post.

The Insights section of the Maybe* platform takes you to the insight builder where you have access to a full suite of social media listening tools.

In development and coming soon

  • More updates to Local Rewards
  • Ability to see competitor’s ads

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