How to compare your social media performance against competitors

Want to know how your social media activity stacks up against competitors? Of course you do! Maybe* now makes it easy for you to compare your social media performance to the best in class in your sector.

Maybe* uses social insights to identify the businesses who are smashing it on social media. In just a few clicks you can benchmark your business' social media activity and learn from the best businesses of all sizes and in any sector.

When you sign up to Maybe*, choose your sector and you’ll find a comparison brand already set for you. We’ve got national and indie sectors covered - retail to leisure, shopping centres to restaurants and anything in between. If at any point you'd like to change your comparison brand, that's super easy to do too. 

Why comparing social media performance is important

Comparing social media performance is about more than competition. Knowing the best in class in your sector enables you to learn from the social media front runners and replicate their success.

If you want to choose your own competitor and comparison brand, you can override the preselected business at any time. Just watch the video to see how.

How to change your comparison brand

Whether you want to replicate the success of the likes of social media heavyweights Gymshark, or see the enviable engagement Primark experience; there’s a brand every organisation can learn from.

You can also choose an indie retailer like Keith Scarrott who drove stonking results over lockdown with their approach to customer engagement; a supermarket like Aldi, or select a local or destination shopping centre. All of them are seeing real business results from social media and we want to help you achieve the same.

Key takeaway

When you compare social media performance, you’ll learn what works for others and you can replicate their success. Easily see and compare your best post, social media engagement, sentiment and influencers to make social media work for you and drive real results for your organisation. 

Maybe* is a social media management platform that helps organisations make social media work better for them. We provide easy to use engagement tools, smart insights and reports that rock.

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