Product updates: Changes to our Indexes

Big news, we're improving how our digital indexes that benchmark organisations, towns and cities across the UK work.

Previously we used multiple algorithms that looked at lots of information to determine where your town, organisation or city ranks.

Maybe* will now use one algorithm to gather this information which means you'll get a more accurate score within the digital index.

You might have noticed that your rank or your town’s rank has changed. This is because the new algorithm now takes into account how frequently organisations post not just their audience size.

New navigation

We've changed the main navigation on the dashboard to be ‘Results’ instead of 'Rank' . This is because ‘Rank’ is just one of the many results you can view on Maybe*.

For example the location of your organisation also has a rank, along with Chatbot reports if you have this feature.

You'll also find a new item: 'Summary report'. This report gives you an overview of your company (or if you have more than one, all your companies.) This overview includes rank, audience size, average daily posts, number of engagements and more.

Improvements to audience growth history page

Maybe* now includes your Messenger audience in 'total audience'. The Facebook, Instagram and twitter icons now to go to the associated social accounts.

Case studies within Maybe*

We've added a case studies section to our help article collection. Here you can see how others were successful and get tips and inspiration.

Case studies within Maybe*

Following feedback we've improved the design for sharing graphs and added a word limit countdown. 

In development

  • Ability to see your paid adverts in ‘Your content’ tab.
  • Custom indexes - these will allow you to benchmark yourself within a specific group. For example, if you are a jeweller you could compare yourself to all other jewellers in the UK. Or if you manage a shopping centre, you could compare all your tenants' activity.
  • ‘Maybe* Zap’ - to allow you to push data into Activities via

We love hearing from our users. Please let us know any feedback or suggestions for features by hitting the blue message button in the lower right corner. 

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