Product updates: Benchmark report

In our latest release under the ‘Results’ tab you can now find the option ‘Benchmark report.’ You can select up to 4 conversations* of companies that you are listening to and pick a date range for the report. 

In the benchmark report you can view the amount of content created by each organisation and how much engagement it’s getting. 

Enterprise clients can see the sentiment, number of posts and comments about other organisations.  

*Enterprise clients can select more than 4. 

Ad Manager improvements

You now have the ability to sort ads by ‘Best performing ROAS' and 'Worst performing ROAS.'

Starred content

You can now star and filter by starred content. This might be useful if there’s something you want to save and look at later. 

In development

  • Instantly listen or engage with other conversations - at the moment there is a short delay but we are working on making this instant.
  • Adding ‘Purchase conversation value’ to ads
  • Custom indexes - these will allow you to benchmark yourself within a specific group. For example, if you are a jeweller you could compare yourself to all other jewellers in the UK. Or if you manage a shopping centre, you could compare all your tenants' activity.
  • Maybe* app, so you can engage and listen to conversations on the move.

We love hearing from our users. Please let us know any feedback or suggestions for features by hitting the blue message button in the lower right corner.