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The results of the latest Maybe* research are in and there's concern in the air. Eight in 10 consumers fear their favourite high street stores won't survive the latest lockdown and more than half of consumers feel the Government isn't doing enough to support businesses.

It's great to see publications including 365Retail and The Industry.Fashion sharing Maybe* Research and championing the urgent need for High Street recovery and support plans across the UK.

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365Retail cites Maybe* research into consumer confidence in government support for retail and hospitality

365Retail says "a month after all ‘non-essential’ retailers were forced to close their doors, research conducted by retail analysts, Maybe* Tech suggests that over half of consumers feel that the government is still not doing enough to support high street businesses".

Maybe* CEO Polly Barnfield OBE, highlights the high level of public concern for local High Streets in The Industry.Fashion

Polly Barnfield, said of the latest insight:

“There is a genuine concern among the public that our high-street businesses aren’t receiving the level of support that they need in these circumstances.

The government needs to address this situation by either offering more support to struggling businesses or urgently improve its messaging to highlight how it is helping the high street.

A large amount of consumers fear for the futures of their favourite retailers which is testament to the value that we place on our high-streets.

Our bricks and mortar businesses mean so much to our local economies and communities, and when they re-open, we have to go and support them.”

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