Maybe* in the press – featured in Forbes, Retail Times and Retail Focus

Bragging alert!  It turns out that Forbes, Retail Times and Retail Focus are as mad about our data as we are!  This week as UK retail tentatively re-opens after months of lockdown, Maybe* is at the heart of the conversation as we share crucial insight to enable retail journalists to report on and predict the changing state of retail in the UK.

We're delighted to provide insight to Forbes journalist, Andrew Busby as he examines customer sentiment around retail re-opening. Writing on a daily basis, and journaling the picture as it comes into full view piece by piece, he is using the Maybe* platform to access social media engagement and sentiment data that enables him to detail how the retail story is developing.

As if a double-mention in Forbes wasn't enough for one week, Maybe* research into consumer attitudes towards post-lockdown shopping has also been featured in Retail Times.

Meanwhile over at Retail Focus our CEO, Polly Barnfield, was quoted alongside the research findings.

From social media engagement levels to brand sentiment, and using social listening to identify conversation trends and consumer behaviour, Maybe* is delighted to play an ongoing role informing and enabling the transformation of the High Street and the future of retail alongside our existing work with the UK High Streets Task Force.

Maybe* analyses over a million businesses in UK for Forbes

Andrew Busby teased his plans to use Maybe* data ahead of the first instalment in his series. As the first retailers opened on Monday June 15, Busby wrote “data from Maybe* - who can analyse customer sentiment across over a million businesses in the UK - there appears to be a correlation between the level of social media engagement and the footfall witnessed today”.


Retail Times looks to Maybe* for retail trends as the sector reopens

Retail Times stated on June 15 "new research conducted by social media management platform, Maybe* has found that 90% of consumers plan to return to their high streets when shops re-open today".

Using insight from our recent customer survey, the retail news site highlighted that the survey, which had 2,000 respondents, revealed that while around 47% of shoppers are nervous about shopping, 43% say that they will shop as often as they did pre-COVID-19. 7.5% will embrace retailers re-opening and shop more than they did before the pandemic struck.

retail times

Retail Focus cites Maybe* Research for UK retail predictions

Retail Focus wrote "New research conducted by social media management platform, Maybe* has found that 90 per cent of consumers plan to return to their high streets now stores have started to reopen".

The article then went on to quote our CEO, Polly Barnfield OBE.

"Britain’s retailers should feel confident that despite the on-going concerns surrounding Covid, the vast majority of shoppers are ready to get back to high streets and start spending again. Equally, retailers should be aware of what consumers expect from them to make their shopping experience as reassuring and as safe as possible."

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