How F.Hinds achieved an 85% jump in social media engagement

Maybe* client, F.Hinds, is making headlines with its fresh approach to digital and social media. Social media engagement has increased by 85% since the High Street jeweller has refocused its effort on connecting and engaging with customers.

What the press pack say

Professional Jeweller reports that F.Hinds increased followers by 21% across Facebook and Instagram and the reach of its content has sky rocketed.

Jeremy Hinds, sales director at F.Hinds, is quoted saying: “The past twelve months has taken the company’s digital functionality in a new and exciting direction that has seen significant advances in the way we talk to our customers.

“The investment in digital innovation is one of the key priorities in the future of F.Hinds that will help to communicate our fantastic range of products to new and existing customers.”

It's great to see F.Hinds embracing social media and getting results. We can't wait to see what they do next.

F Hinds

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