Herefordshire businesses benefit from a 15 per cent increase in footfall

A social media training pilot ran by Maybe* from the UK Community Renewal Fund (UKCRF) saw businesses in Herefordshire benefit from a 15 percent increase in footfall.

Maybe* has been delivering social media training in the county by providing training and tools to help businesses leverage social media for sustainable growth.

“Our data shows that only 31 percent of UK businesses have social media accounts, and only 19 percent are active on social media. Of businesses with active social media accounts, over 90 percent do not post to social media at weekends, despite this being the time when most consumers are likely to be on social media and making purchases.


Polly Barnfield, OBE

CEO & Founder of Maybe*

Herefordshire businesses see footfall benefit from UKCRF social media training pilot

"In total, 1,757 Herefordshire businesses participated in the pilot compared to just over 5,600 non-participating businesses. Across the test period, data shows that participating businesses experienced a 15.0% increase in physical engagement compared with town trends across the county and 7.4% up on their non-participating counterparts."