How to use Place Insights to benchmark your social media activity

Maybe* Place Insights allows you to compare the social media activity, posts, engagement, sentiment and conversation topics of all businesses within your place against up to four others.

To demonstrate, we took a tour of Ashford in Kent to see how active businesses are there, how engaging they are, and what topics of conversation get Ashford fired up.

You can do this for any given date range in any town or city in the UK.

How many businesses in Ashford have social media accounts?

Through July, 35% of all businesses in Ashford have a social media presence. Since lockdown the number of businesses across the UK on social media has decreased to 5% in some places yikes… so while Ashford is far from out front, it’s still steaming ahead all those places yet to get on board the social media express. Launching social media accounts helps all businesses in a place stay connected to customers.

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How many businesses in Ashford post to social media everyday?

Maybe* Place insights supports local authorities, BIDs, councils, place-makers and businesses connect more efficiently to customers via social media. But to connect effectively, businesses need to be active every day. In Ashford, of all the businesses with social media accounts, only 25% of them are active every day!

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How many posts to businesses make and how engaging are they?

Ashford businesses that are active on social media are busy bees. An average of 4200 posts by businesses make it on to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter day to day. On average this delivers 136,000 engagements for the businesses, that’s 32 engagements per post.

To increase engagement businesses need to get more eyes on their content and that's where BIDs and councils can support by re-sharing their businesses social content.

Using this insight helps businesses stay better connected to customers and residents by demonstrating how often businesses are posting and how well they are engaging.

What conversations do Ashford businesses create?

Exploring conversation topics helps businesses understand what phrases are being used the most. In Ashford, businesses are tagging content place hashtags, with #Ashford featuring in a lot of content alongside the county hashtag #Kent. In addition conversation about Covid19, charity initiatives such as the Samaritans Samarathon and health are also there.

Key takeaway

Ashford’s businesses create varied content about everything related to the county to health, and industry topics such as fashion, interior design and of course shopping locally. A local BID or council could use this information to inform their own social content or understand what's making local businesses tick.

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