How businesses create urgency for offers in the Bristol High Street Guide

The Local Rewards Town Guides showcase the best businesses in any place at a local and a national level. The local High Street Guide for all places can be used to share the latest offers and create urgency amongst your customers, both old and new. As we prepare for the High Street re-opening, highlighting your offers for customers is wonderful way to drum up excitement.

We all have a part to play in helping businesses recover from the devastating impact of COVID-19. UK consumers are increasingly compelled to shop local and support and protect local businesses, which is great news. So, you have a captive audience of customers who want to support you, and Maybe* is here to help you get in front of that audience. What are you waiting for?

Maybe* has created Local Rewards. Local Rewards is a nationwide program that increases local spend by connecting shoppers, local businesses and places via social media, transactions and chat. 

Local Rewards connects every UK High Street with:

>  A live local shopping guide that updates automatically

>  A way to reach shoppers when they are nearby 

>  An infrastructure that rewards shoppers for their local spend

Here we share inspiration from the Bristol High Street Guide recently featured in the press, detailing exactly what you need to do to ensure you appear. 

Bristol's Local Rewards High Street Guide and offers

The Bristol High Street Guide is loaded with local and national businesses in the area. The Guide is choc full of the Instagram content of Bristol's businesses, both local and national.

Think of the Guide as a live and interactive curation of all the social media content showing exactly what the town has to offer shoppers and people looking for specialist services. At the moment, with businesses locked down, the Guide shines a light on every business and exactly how they are trading at the moment.

The Orchard Coffee Company keeps Bristol well-caffeinated. But they've also added delicious Sunday roasts to their mouth watering repertoire for a limited time only. Creating a sense of urgency and 'blink and you'll miss it' is a wonderful way to encourage customers to try something new.

How to ensure your business appears in the Local Guide

The Local Rewards High Street Guides have been designed to make every business in any UK place discoverable. In order to appear in your Local High Street Guide or manage your listing you need to sign up to Local Rewards.

The Maybe* platform powers Local Rewards and helps businesses use social media to sell.

We all have a part to play in helping our High Streets and local businesses recover from the COVID pandemic. Get involved during Lockdown, contribute to your Local Guide and be ready to reopen!