Creating bespoke rewards for your High Street Guide

The Local Rewards High Street Guides showcase the best businesses in any place at a local and a national level. Being active on social media on a regular basis means that your business appears in the Local High Street Guide, and as a result, will always feature your most up-to-date information. Now is the time to share your business, your positivity and your excitement and get your business at the front of customers' minds.

Maybe* has created Local Rewards. It is a nationwide program that increases local spend by connecting shoppers, local businesses and places via social media, transactions and chat. 

Local Rewards connects every UK High Street with:

  • A live local shopping Guide that updates automatically
  • A way to reach shoppers when they are nearby 
  • An infrastructure that rewards shoppers for their local spend 

Here we share inspiration from the Brentwood High Street Guide, detailing exactly what you need to do to ensure your business appears in yours. 

Brentwood High Street Guide and offers

The Brentwood High Street Guide is loaded with local and national businesses in the area. The guide is choc full of the Instagram content from Brentwood businesses from shops to salons, and businesses have begun creating bespoke special offers just for Local Rewards customers.

The Greenhouse have gone live with their first reward offering the green-fingers customers of Brentwood 10% off plants. There is no minimum spend to redeem the offer, shoppers simply need to use just two reward points to claim their discount.

How to ensure your business appears in your local guide

The Local Rewards High Street Guides have been designed to make every business in any UK place discoverable. In order to appear in your Local Guide, or to manage your listing, you need to sign up to Local Rewards.

The Maybe* platform powers Local Rewards and helps businesses use social media to sell.

We all have a part to play in helping our High Streets and local businesses recover and thrive. Get started by creating offers for your guide.