Discover inspiration from the Local Rewards High Street Guide in Cheltenham

To help High Streets recover from COVID the Maybe* team has created Local Rewards. Local Rewards is a nationwide program that increases local spend by connecting shoppers, local businesses and places via social media, transactions and chat.

Local Rewards connects every UK High Street with:

>  A live local shopping guide that updates automatically
>  A way to reach shoppers when they are nearby
>  An infrastructure that rewards shoppers for their local spend

Here we share inspiration to create a great Local Rewards offer from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. The South West town is already up and running with the Local Town Guide with the support of Cheltenham Borough Council,  Marketing Cheltenham, and Cheltenham BID.

Cheltenham’s Local Rewards Guide and Offers

Local Rewards enables every town to showcase all their businesses even when the High Street is closed.

Here is a great example of how an independent business in Cheltenham, Keith Scarrott Shoes, is using their Cheltenham Local Guide with an offer for £20 off when customers shop online.

The store, like all non-essential retailers, is currently closed, but the business is rewarding locals with £20 off as an incentive to shop its fancy footwear online.

Any business can create their own Local Reward in their location. The Maybe* platform powers Local Rewards and helps businesses use social media to sell online and offline.

Explore the Cheltenham Local Guide for ideas and inspiration to bring your own town to life with Local Rewards.

We want as many businesses as possible to get involved, showcase their business and create more reasons for customers to shop local whether the high street is open or not.

How to create your first Local Reward and share it on social media

Local Rewards can be created by any business within your town. They are simple to create and reward shoppers for spending with the businesses in your town online or offline.

They are really simple to create and are automatically added to your Local Guide.

Our handy video tutorial below will show you exactly how to get started.

With the Maybe* platform, you don’t have to be a social media pro to increase traffic and sales.


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