Why your brand experience should align with your social media content

The Entertainer has recently reported a year on year profit increase of 31%. With a growing online business and a revamped website, we explored what’s working well for The Entertainer and how they outperform their competitors.

Maybe* listened to the online conversation created by and about The Entertainer through June 2019. In the second of our three-part blog series, we’re looking at how the toy brand is keeping it playful online and offline with social media.

The findings

1) Engage the right audience
2) Consistent brand communication
3) Create a community of influencers

Looking at the detail

The entertainer data

Brand behaviour should influence social content

We analysed the language in the 129 pieces of content that the Entertainer created in June. The green spikes show how positive the content is, The Entertainer keep it perky, positive, and playful.

We saw in our last blog post, what they create content about - product and people. They are a toy brand, toys are fun, their social content joyfully follows suit. 

In a world where peer to peer reviews and the voice of the customer is so public, a brand is dictated less by aspirational glossy ad campaigns. Instead, your brand perception is now informed by whether your walk aka your behaviour and experience is aligned to your talk.

The Entertainer has sought to ensure that their digital commerce and their online content reflects the in-store experience and a “fun and family orientated narrative”.

The 'How they feel report' from The Entertainer showing the sentiment of the content they are creating. See how your content is performing. 

The key takeway

Brand is more than a logo and a name; it's behaviour. Don’t be afraid to be passionate, authentic and you. Ensure that how you behave online, is the same as how you would behave offline.