Who influences the conversation about department stores?

Maybe* listened to the online conversation created about John Lewis, Selfridges, Debenhams, Harvey Nichols, and Fenwicks through the first three weeks of September 2019. In our first post we discovered that when discussing department stores, beauty brands are the biggest conversationalists, and also driving the most engagement on behalf of those stores.

With this in mind, we wanted to take a look at which brands are creating the most volume, and the most engagement, and therefore have the most influence in the conversations created about the UK’s department stores.

The findings

1) Beauty brands drive the conversation

2) Community and local events increase positive sentiment

3) Brands are department stores’ biggest influencers

Looking at the details

Influence doesn’t equal Instagram

When we hear the word ‘influencer’ it is very easy to jump to the conclusion that all influencers are individuals with a blog or a great Instagram presence that you could partner with as part of your content marketing strategy. But, the Maybe* platform shows you that anyone making enough noise, and earning great engagement is influencing the conversation about you.

Across the board, the conversation about shopping centres was driven by other brands and businesses.

In the conversation about Selfridges, the biggest influencers were food brands. The Artisan Kitchen, Alto, and the San Carlo Group, all restauranteurs in Selfridges, are driving conversation about the department store.

The 'Who's got influence' report for Selfridges. See who's influencing your organisation.

In the conversation about Harvey Nichols, outside of the impact Fenty Beauty had, The Oxo Tower, one of the department stores group restaurants, led the influence charge for the luxury brand.

Fenwicks benefitted from food brand’s like Lick the Spoon, and The Brooks Social creating conversation about them, but their biggest influencer was the Royal Victoria Shopping Centre.

The 'Who's got influence' report for Harvey Nichols. See who's influencing your organisation.

The 'Who's got influence' report for Fenwicks. See who's influencing your organisation.

Key takeaway

Identifying Instagrammers and Youtubers may be an important part of your marketing strategy, but if you want to find influencers and reach their network you can also start a little closer to home. Working with your partner brands and stockists will help you reach their customers as well as your own.

Maybe’s advanced AI technology scours social signals to uncover the prominent people covering the topics you care about most. Analyse their reach, relevance and engagement levels, and benchmark their visibility with others in their field. Your content team can leverage our insights to build long-lasting relationships with future brand advocates who will showcase your content to their network. Get started for free.