UK tourism hot spots winning at social media engagement

If the idea of getting on a plane anytime soon doesn’t fill you with the excitement it once did, then perhaps you are considering a staycation. The growing staycation market poses a huge opportunity not just for UK tourism to attract more customers and recover, but for all businesses in and around a local place to benefit from increased footfall and social media engagement.

Harrogate in Yorkshire is a beautiful place to visit so we hope to inspire you with the town as a great example.  We’ll demonstrate how using the local pride in the beauty of an area can help all independent businesses.

Maybe* Place insights allows you to benchmark the social media activity, posts, engagement, sentiment and conversation topics of all businesses within your place. Maybe* Place insights allows you to compare up to five locations so you can also see how Harrogate’s output and efforts compare to other towns and places in the nearby area.

How many businesses in Harrogate have social media accounts?

Maybe* Place Insights shows us that 52% of businesses in Harrogate marked in yellow have social media accounts, slightly lower than the larger county capital, York.

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How many businesses in Harrogate post to social media everyday?

Of those 52% of Harrogate’’s businesses, an average of 36% of them are active every day. Like many places in the UK there is a noticeable daily drop off at the weekends. However for somewhere like Harrogate who may benefit from weekend staycayers and out-of-towners, the weekend is likely its busiest period. This may be a blocker for business resources allocated to social media. Scheduling some content, or at least being active to respond to customer queries will ensure its businesses can stay active without detracting from the services they provide in real time, real life away from the smartphones.

How many posts to businesses make and how engaging are they?

Harrogate businesses take to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to create 2700 pieces of content per day. Those social posts earn approximately 46000 engagements per day. That’s about 17 engagements per post. Interestingly although posting volumes and social activity dips at weekend, engagement doesn’t follow this pattern suggesting customers are no more engaged at the weekend than they are through the week.

What was Harrogate’s best performing social media post?

We’ve used the Maybe* Best post in a place tool to find Harrogate’s best post on Friday August 14. Join us, we’re off to the spa.

Rudding Park hotel is a Harrogate spa break destination we would love to be holed up in right now. The best performing post really shows off the natural beauty and relaxing environment of the surrounding area.

The hotel have used a travel influencer for the imagery which is a great way to recognise previous guests and build on peer-to-peer recommendations.

The hotel uses a blend of locally relevant hashtags as well as broader spa break and staycation conversation hashtags for global and local appeal, or 'glocal' as marketeers sometimes like to call it.


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Discovering Harrogate’s best performing post

What conversations do Harrogate’s businesses create?

The Harrogate hashtag sits firmly at the centre of the Harrogate conversation, as well as the wider Yorkshire hashtag. The conversation cloud shows that Harrogate businesses have a lot to say with topics about Summer, beauty and art also featuring. Even national retailers like Superdrug and Primark get a look in demonstrating Harrogate has something for everyone.

The conversation across Harrogate and the surrounding area is anything but grim up north. The businesses are a positive bunch landing the right tone and language to inspire alongside the beautiful visual content created by the likes of Rudding Park Hotel.

Key takeaway

Maybe* Place Insights aims to inspire more businesses to take up social media on a daily basis. Businesses in locations will share customers. By demonstrating the topics most frequently used in a place and inspiring engagement, everyone can benefit from the beauty and appeal of a local place.

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