How The Volunteer Inn in Chipping Campden embraced social to become the heart of its local community

The Volunteer Inn, a local pub in Chipping Campden, is at the heart of the community and at the beginning of the March lockdown they had a challenge - they had to reach the same people online, whilst inviting others to discover the Inn. 

Previously The Volunteer Inn had posted sporadically on social media but has recently seen increased engagement levels and awareness with the assistance of Shire Marketing. 

With consistent content and engagement on Facebook, Instagram and online local notice boards, they have been able to reach their regulars and entice new locals into the space. 

Using creative storytelling by sharing the history, the staff and behind the scenes snippets, they have helped to reach a wider audience and increase awareness of the Inn. 

In the video below, hear how Shire Marketing has helped with the success of The Volunteer Inn’s social media channels and marketed a special pub that is very engaged with the community, online.

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