The creme de la creme of Eat Out to Help Out

Time for a feed? As of August 1st 2020, the Eat Out to Help Out campaign is live and serving up diners with 50% off meals when dining in every Monday to Wednesday throughout the month at participating restaurants across the UK. There's a lot of social media content generously drizzling its way across social media and whetting all our appetites. Get ready to lick your lips.

We're rounding up the creme de la creme every single day so you can see what's working for the establishments taking part, but also what customers have to say about what's working for them. 

The Little London Vegan gets influential

Plant based, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free. There are a whole host of dietary requirements out there that Eat Out to Help Out restaurants can serve with a delicious and nutritious menu. The Little London Vegan has made it her mission to showcase these.

The best post shows not only what the menu has to offer, but has its own scoring system. The emoji laden system denotes everything from accessibility and inclusivity, diversity and sustainability, to availability of the Eat Out Help Out offer.

How to replicate the technique

Your customers don't just care about the price point and the offer. Customers are increasingly driven by purpose. If you know you cater to a wider tastebud, or have made it your business to be inclusive and diverse, communicate this to your conscious customers.

Influencers team up with MeatMission

Have you thought about working with influencers? That's what MeatMission have done to communicate their participation in the Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

Amy Valentine has missed eating out with her pals, and haven't we all? Clearly communicating the post is an ad, Amy has teamed up with MeatMission to bring their Jagermeister collab to life.

How to replicate the technique

Don't be afraid to dip your toe into working with influencers. Just like you, the foodie, travel and local lifestyle influencers especially haven't been able to get out and work with the businesses that they want to partner with and promote.

If you decide to partner with a local influencer, partner with somebody who is on the same page as you values wise, interests wise and audience wise. Have an honest conversation and agree mutual expectations. Agree what tags you'll use, agree to reshare each others' content, and make sure they tell their followers its an ad in this interest of transparency.

Riverford asks and receives on the #EatOutHelpOut engagement front

The best post from the Eat Out to Help Out campaign on August 5, comes from Riverford. The business is a fresh meat and veg service ran by farmers passionate about the protection of the farming industry.

Riverford has a beautiful blog where they discuss product, industry issues, and its got a fabulous title - Wicked Leeks. The post does not promote the Eat Out to Help Out offer, instead it asks customers what they think of it and encourages discussion and opinion. As a result the post benefits from thought provoking comments, and more shares which increases reach. Riverford then make sure they continue that discussion with the audience by engaging right back.

How to replicate the technique

Asking questions and creating discussion is a great way to build deeper engagement and generate shares. Discussing the broader issues at hand if its relevant to causes you and your customers are passionate about breeds relevance, connection and loyalty. Give it a try.

Old Docks in Derry-Londonderry champions Eating Out and Helping Out in Northern Ireland

The best post from the Eat Out to Help Out campaign on August 4, comes from The Old Docks. The restaurant kept it simple sharing their menu, letting the offer do the talking.

How to replicate the technique

If you're using a menu as an image, use an electronic version of it rather than taking a photo of it. It makes it easy to read. Remember most people use social on their phones, so any fonts and images, should not have your audience needing to locate a magnifying glass.

Morrisons get in on the Eat Out to Help Out action

The best post from the Eat Out to Help Out campaign on August 4, comes from Morrisons. We love our indies at Maybe* but there's bucket loads to be learned from the nationals.

Morrisons have used an animated post to explain the offer and given great examples of what you can enjoy at the lower price points resulting in over 10,000 engagements.

How to replicate the technique

Tools like Canva make it easy for you to add a little extra creativity to your posts. You can easily animate your graphics or add captions to video for a professional look and feel.

Demonstrating the value of the offer and what's up for grabs will make potential punters hungry and make sure you respond to questions and feedback quickly.

Engaging with #eatouttohelpout is just as important as creating

The best post within the #eatouthelpout and #eatouttohelp out conversation on August 2, did not come from a restaurant. Gasp. It came from a customer. There's a whole captive and hungry audience out there, so make sure you engage with them and their conversation, as much as you are engaging them with your menus.

How to engage

The best post comes from a customer, and while creating your own hunger pang inducing social content is very important, even more so is listening to the conversation. Get your ears to the ground and follow the hashtags #eatouthelpout and #eatouttohelpout and engage back with punters enjoying the offer.  It's a great way to build relationships, learn more and stay front of mind.

St John Restaurant serves a rallying cry to support local, support community and the hospitality industry

Day 1 and the #EatouttoHelp out campaign is off to a great start. St John Restaurant group earns over 4000 engagements with its announcement that two of its restaurants are participating in the #eatouthelpout scheme. 

How to replicate this technique
The iconic eatery used an image and credited an external photographer. The offer availability is clearly stated. But it's the opening quote from restaurant founder, Trevor that stresses the importance of the offer. Imploring people to get back out and about, supporting local businesses and community, and the future of the industry has clearly resonated.

Don't be afraid to be passionate and personal in your posts!

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Your best posts


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