The best social media posts of Eat Out to Help Out

Hungry? We are. The Eat Out to Help Out campaign offers diners 50% off meals when dining in every Monday to Wednesday throughout August at participating restaurants across the UK. 

Whether you’re eating clean, watching your waistline or ravenous for a fully loaded burger and fries, there will be something to delight any palate.

The social media stratosphere is already awash with participating eateries and cafes promoting their offers and putting their best dishes forward using the hashtags #EatOutHelpOut and #EatOutToHelpOut. We’re rounding up the best in terms of social media engagement every day, and sharing the tactics that are getting the best results on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

So without further ado, bring on the Eat Out to Help Out buffet...

Engaging with #eatouttohelpout is just as important as creating

The best post within the #eatouthelpout and #eatouttohelp out conversation on August 2, did not come from a restaurant. Gasp. It came from a customer. There's a whole captive and hungry audience out there, so make sure you engage with them and their conversation, as much as you are engaging them with your menus.

How to engage

The best post comes from a customer, and while creating your own hunger pang inducing social content is very important, even more so is listening to the conversation. Get your ears to the ground and follow the hashtags #eatouthelpout and #eatouttohelpout and engage back with punters enjoying the offer.  It's a great way to build relationships, learn more and stay front of mind.

St John Restaurant serves a rallying cry to support local, support community and the hospitality industry

Day 1 and the #EatouttoHelp out campaign is off to a great start. St John Restaurant group earns over 4000 engagements with its announcement that two of its restaurants are participating in the #eatouthelpout scheme. 

How to replicate this technique
The iconic eatery used an image and credited an external photographer. The offer availability is clearly stated. But it's the opening quote from restaurant founder, Trevor that stresses the importance of the offer. Imploring people to get back out and about, supporting local businesses and community, and the future of the industry has clearly resonated.

Don't be afraid to be passionate and personal in your posts!

District 45's homemade creative with a side of Boris leads the #EatOuttoHelpOut chat

District 45 is the second Eat Out to Help Out post earning serious engagement. With a generous 4 course offer for a bargainous £12, the creative and comical post has scored well over 1300 engagements and counting. 

How to replicate this technique: District 45 opt for a branded graphic to introduce the upcoming offer.

The post clearly states the terms and availability, but it's the Boris caricature that really makes this post stand out.  The business have responded to comments and posted the menu for those who's tastebuds have perked up in interest.

How Rudy’s Pizza came out of the oven at the top of the #EatOutHelpOut conversation

Rudy’s Pizza is our first best performing post of the campaign. Ahead of the game, and promoting the offer a week ahead of when its pizza loving punters will be coming through the doors to Eat Out to Help Out, the pizzeria took to the gram and earned over 2000 engagements.

How to replicate this technique: Rudy’s Pizza led with a bold, branded graphic clearly stating the availability and terms of the offer. It used relevant hashtags and also tagged in one of its F&B partners.

While sharing saliva inducing Instagram shots of your menu is bound to get tummies rumbling and mouth watering, don’t underestimate the impact of clear and concise expectation setting to avoid any customer frustration.

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Your best posts


Knowing your best performing post helps you identify what your audience will respond to best. By exploring the best posts in the #EatOutToHelpOut AND #EatOutHelpOut conversations you can mimic the best approaches, or share the content from restaurants and cafes in your local place.

#EatOuttoHelpOut tracking


We have made the #EatOutToHelpOut and #EatOutHelpOut hashtag to all participating accounts in Maybe* so you can all engage with it easily and be influencers in the campaign and leverage it for your towns and businesses to greatest effect.

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