The best jewellers’ social media posts

Each week we round up the best social media posts from jewellers. See who's coming out on top and copy for the winning moves for yourself. The tips and tricks are easy to replicate for any business no matter the size.

September 2022

St Albans based Kings Hill Watches teamed up with another local business to get more eyes on their awesome timepieces. The Instagram was posted by the other business who has a much larger following. Kings Watches then shared the post to their own feed. The watch brand was also tagged into the post to encourage even more eyes on the post.

How to replicate
Sharing is caring, and co-creating content with other businesses in your place is a wonderful way to support one another. If there's a business down the road you know you're likely to share customers with, collaborate with them. If you're a jeweller, is there a local floral photographer you could partner with to offer a joint competition prize? Both of you will benefit from the reach of the post. Give it a go.

Neil and Barker have brought a little sparkle to social media. The business offers a bespoke service and they've used Instagram Reels to show off one of the creations. Video is perfect for jewellery and watches as it gives people an idea of how a piece looks close up and how it might look on. It gives you the opportunity to show off the craftmanship in your pieces and tell a bit more of a story.

How to replicate
Experiment with Instagram Reels and Stories to help your pieces and collections shine. If you're camera shy you don't need to be in the video, let your jewellery do the talking. As we head into Christmas using video will help customers consider what you have to offer for those special purchases.

Wongs Jewellers played a special part in a customer's life when he proposed to his girlfriend. David had picked an engagement ring and proposed in Spain and then went on to share the moment with the jeweller. Wongs were able to share the post to earn themselves some engagement of the social media variety. Hearts were warmed everywhere.

How to replicate
As jewellers you are likely to play a big part in some pretty important life moments for your customers. Honour that. Everyone loves a good news or a love story. When your customers tag you on social media, re-share their content and shout them out. It will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Ainsworth Jewellers have spread a little sapphire sparkle across social media in time for September. The post gives us nuggets of knowledge about the precious stone while the image shows off its beauty.

How to replicate
Monthly birthstone content can be planned out a whole year in advance. You can also do the same with stones and precious metals for anniversaries. This kind of content is an easy win. It's quick to create and will always have timely relevance at the beginning and throughout the month.

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