The best jewellers’ social media posts of 2023

Each week we round up the best social media posts from jewellers around the UK. See who's coming out on top and copy their winning moves for yourself. The tips and tricks are easy to replicate for any business, no matter the size.

January 2023

Get ready folks - Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and T.H. Baker are going in strong with a Valentine's themed giveaway. And why not? Giveaways are brilliant for engagement (and this one might lead to some engagements of a different kind!)

How to replicate
If you've also got some giveaways in mind, here are some key things to remember:

  • Make it clear and easy for your customers to get involved, just as T.H. Baker have done.
  • Make your closing date nice and visible, don't lose it in your caption.
  • Include robust T&Cs, and refer to them in your caption. Don't forget that while you can share links in posts on Facebook and Twitter, links are not clickable on Instagram, so signpost followers to your bio or Stories instead.


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Do you tend to mix up the look of your content? This gorgeous black and white image from Sproules Jewellers really stands out in their feed, amidst the full colour close ups they often feature. It's another wedding (we love a wedding as much as you do), and the joyful, striking cover image has yielded heaps of engagement for Sproules. Lovely.

How to replicate
If you're planning on posting a carousel of images in one post, take some time to think about which image you really want to shine from the bunch - which image is most likely to catch your customers' eyes and get them hitting that like button. Sproules have done exactly that in their own customer appreciation post (see Jack Murphy's post below!).

Customer joy! What a gorgeous image Jack Murphy Jewellers has shared on their channels. Getting to see where your jewels have ended up must be such a pleasure, and Jack Murphy have acknowledged this in their touching caption. How lovely!

How to replicate
Customer appreciation posts (brilliant use of the relevant hashtag there, Jack Murphy Jewellers) are a wonderful thread to weave into your scheduled content. Acknowledging the impact your items have had and will continue to have in your customers lives is so important - treat these posts with care and make your customers feel valued. Great job, Jack Murphy Jewellers.

Like many Jewellers, David Mellor Family Jewellers are (granted, the clue is in the name) a family business. We loved their opening post of the year, wishing 'The Matriarch of the Mellors' a Happy Birthday. Looks like their customers appreciated it too, with comments and birthday wishes a-plenty on their Facebook and Instagram posts.

How to replicate
Whether you're a family business or not, sharing team celebrations or milestones on social is a lovely thing to do. Help your followers and customers feel part of your community, your shop family, by inviting them to share in the joys of your day to day life - whether that's on Stories, or on a grid post, as David Mellor Family Jewellers have done here.

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