The best bike shop social media posts of 2023

Each week we round up the best social media posts from bike shops. See who's coming out on top and copy for the winning moves for yourself. The tips and tricks are easy to replicate for any business, no matter the size.

January 2023

Let's take a look at #FanPhotoFriday, a cracking engagement tactic from Giant Bicycles. It's something you'll find us saying a lot, but User Generated Content (UGC) is a really valuable content stream for you to incorporate into your regularly scheduled posts.

The image they've featured here is really dynamic and exciting; it's understandably racked up the likes. Let your customers' creativity flow and see what they can come up with to share with you - on your feed, in Stories, or both.

How to replicate
So, how to get your followers involved and snapping some excellent images to share? You could invite them to post using a hashtag, as Giant Bicycles have done here, or you could ask customers to tag you directly in their posts. All you need to do is make sure you don't miss any of them! Finally, always be sure to credit the customer account, and the photographer too if applicable, as Giant Bicycles demonstrated in their caption.

Got some new stock? Of course you have. Shout all about it on your social media, just like The Bike Station have (note: capital letters not wholly necessary, but undoubtedly effective!)

If you're excited about your new stock coming in, get your customers excited about it, too. Use social media to whet their appetites, and be sure to keep track of your customer comments and questions on your posts.

How to replicate
Share new stock updates on your main feed, or on Stories. Or both. If you've got something particularly exciting arriving, you could pop a countdown on your Stories and share a teaser of what your customers can look forward to in-store. Build excitement on social, then continue the customer experience when they pop in to see you in person.

Inspo alert! Do as SBC Cycles have done and show off your customers using the thing everyone is interested in: their bikes. This cracking set of wheels is the third post in an ongoing series from SBC; a great idea for both inspiration and engagement.

How to replicate
Whether it's your own image or a customer photo (also called User Generated Content or UGC), sharing your customers' rides is a brilliant idea for a piece of rolling (ahem) content. Schedule your posts to go out regularly to create a sense of expectation with your followers. Don't forget those all important tags, either - let people know they're being featured!


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bicycle. have started their 2023 with a great post all about the importance of communication. Granted, it's something that we all know, but reiterating its importance via social media is powerful. Information is power. This post works well not only for their customers, but also doubles up as a starting point for retailers to share their own experience via social.

How to replicate
Empower your customers with information using your social media channels. How can you help them to have the best customer service experience? Share your knowledge, as bicycle. have done, as it may resonate with your customer base, and let them come to you with queries, or for advice, too.


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